Profit booking in Nifty seen ahead of BREXIT

Stock Market Today by Shailesh Saraf – 10th June 2019

Stock Market Today by Shailesh Saraf – 10th June 2016
Indian Market Outlook:

Today morning, SGX Nifty is trading at 8216 at 8:35 am IST. As per SGX, Nifty is expected to open at 8216 i.e. at a gap down of 14 points. FII and PRO combined have sold 4411500 shares in Index options yesterday signaling profit booking.


International Market Outlook

The Asian markets along with European and American peers are holding strong too suggesting a global strength in the Indices, however markets have seen a profit booking from the higher levels of S&P at 8120. S&P has been trading in a small range of 2120 to 2106 for last 4 days. The markets are eyeing BREXIT and the US FED meet due on 23rd June and 15th June respectively. The outcomes of these events would be very crucial in deciding the further course of the markets.


Open Interest-FII & Pro Combined Activity
Date FII and Proprietary Combined activity in shares
Index Future Index Options
1 Year Average 705075 1 Year Average 2920650
Total Buy Sell Total Buy Sell
9-Jun-16 13294650 1166100   -437475   4411500
8-Jun-16 12128550   77925 3974025   1316925
7-Jun-16 12206475 607050   5290950 5678175  
6-Jun-16 11599425 690900   -387225 634200  
3-Jun-16 10908525 362025   -1021425 247500  
2-Jun-16 10546500   226725 -1268925 1166325  
1-Jun-16 10773225   602475 -2435250   224850
31-May-16 11375700 567375   -2210400 1330050  
30-May-16 10808325 622800   -3540450 1557525  
27-May-16 10185525 1695750   -5097975 6186450  
26-May-16 8489775 4315200   -11284425 5176725  
  Total Buy 4804875 Total Buy 10846950

On 26th May FII & Pro combined had a total long position in Index Futures of 8489775 shares which is increased to 13294650 shares as on 8th June, i.e. a total buy of 4804875 shares in current expiry.

Similarly, in Index options, FII and Pro combined have decreased their short positions from 11284425 shares to 437475 shares, i.e. a total buy of 10846950 shares in current expiry.

The data indicates a clear buy bias in the markets by FIIs and Proprietary.

Change in Options Open Interest Today
Change in Options Open Interest Today

Today, FII have increased 53400 shares long and increased 95550 shares short positions in Index Call option, net sell 42150 shares today. In puts, FII have increased 1159200 shares long and increased short positions by 210450 shares, net PUT buy 948750 shares today.

Pro, have decreased 2073075 shares long and decreased short position by 1000425 shares, a net sell of 1072650 shares in Index Call Option Today. In Puts, Pro has decreased long position by 404550 shares and decreased short position by 2752500 shares, a net buy of 2347950 shares in Put today.

FII Derivatives Statistics - NSE
  BUY SELL OPEN INTEREST AT THE END OF THE DAY Net contracts Net Amt in Crores NSE shows that there is a Net BUY in Nifty Index Options worth Rs.670.15 crores but as per our interpretation it is a Net SELL of Rs.815.21 crores. For details please refer to the table below.
  No. of contracts Amt in Crores No. of contracts Amt in Crores No. of contracts Amt in Crores
INDEX OPTIONS 304613 17584.06 292846 16913.91 1026524 62674.39 11767 670.1454
FII Options Statistics - Dynamic Research
Change in Open Interest today  
Contracts Call long Call short Net Call Approx value (CR) F2 has been net seller in call which is SELL for the market
FII 712 1274 -562 -34.67681
Contracts Put Long Put Short Net Put Approx value (CR) FII has been net buyer in put which is SELL for the market
FII 15456 2806 12650 -780.5366
Total 12088 -815.2134  
FII Index Statistics - Dynamic Research
FII Index Future Open Interest Today
contracts Index Long Index Short Net Index Approx Value (CR)
FII 8748 -2597 11345 697.54
FII & DII Cash Buy/Sell Activity
FII & DII Cash Buy/Sell Activity 

As on 9th June, for Current Expiry from 27th May, FII have bought Rs.4378.77 crores worth shares along with DII who have sold shares worth Rs.1871.91 crores in the cash segment.

Today, FII have buy equity worth 234.20 cr and DII sold worth 317.74 cr.

Shares in Support
Name ADM LTP Support Level
HTMEDIA 3.02 79.65 79 : M1
AIAENG 32.53 1029.6 991 : W0
SQSBFSI 43.09 1128.9 1125 : M0
JAMNAAUTO 6.11 160.45 160.25 : W0
RALLIS 7.03 215.1 214.5 : W0
VAKRANGEE 6.41 162.9 162 : W3
FIEMIND 32.14 825.9 825.05 : W0
SHARDACROP 11.58 375.7 375 : W0
TNPL 8.77 267.4 268.2 : M0
SOBHA 11.06 303.2 301.2 : M0
Shares in Resistance
Name ADM Resistance Level LTP
FSL 1.54 47.4 : W0 46.9
SUDARSCHEM 5 157.35 : W0 156.3
TINPLATE 2.88 86.4 : M0 84.05
GICHSGFIN 9.57 288 : W0 282.15
NOCIL 2.45 51.9 : M0 51.55
KAJARIACER 25.6 1190 : W0 1189

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