ROLTA Chairmans Speech

Dear Chairman''s

Companies do not succeed by chance. Sustained success requires a
business model that emboldens and enables constant value addition and
differentiation. A business model that sparks excellence and makes new
ways possible; and a whole workplace culture that is committed to
innovating and delivering the best value for customers. In short, it is
about a mindset, that pushes for excellence in everything ? in every
thought and in every deed.

Hence, when we set about the task of transforming and reconstructing
Rolta to an Intellectual Property (IP) based business, a razor-sharp
focus on and an absolute commitment to excellence was crucial. Today,
we can confidently say that this has resulted in a solid IP-led
business model that empowers us to win long-term, be globally
competitive ? and punch much above our weight.

A big example is the selection of the exclusive consortium of Bharat
Electronics Limited (BEL) and Rolta, by the Ministry of Defence as a
Development Agency for the Battlefield Management System (BMS) project
worth over Rs 60,000 Crores (US$ 9.5 Bn). This prestigious programme is
meant to deliver Command, Control and Communications capabilities to
the fighting echelons, operating at the forward edge of the Tactical
Battle Area at the Battalion and Combat Group levels. As a part of its
consortium with BEL, Rolta is responsible for the complete BMS
application development and software licensing, GIS software and
services. Rolta will also jointly work with BEL for manufacturing
subsystems for the soldier system, the overall system design,
integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance for the BMS

It is equally important to note that, Rolta is the only IT company that
has been invited to participate in all the three ''Make India'' projects
(each a multi-multi billion dollar opportunity) issued by the Ministry
of Defence, till date. We are in the august company of 2 Indian
corporate giants (both dwarfing Rolta in size) who along with Rolta are
the only companies to have been invited to bid for these three ''Make
India'' programs.

This success has been made possible due to a variety of factors,
notably our established track record of 20 years with Indian Defence,
deep domain expertise acquired in working shoulder- to-shoulder with
the Indian Military and most importantly our indigenously developed and
field-proven IP ? for Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and
Reconnaissance (C2ISR), which has been deployed at hundreds of key
military sites. Tailor made specifically for Indian Defence Services;
these Military-of-the-Shelf C2ISR solutions incorporate the latest
technology and help commanders in making crucial operational

Rolta brings together a rare combination of rich industry specific
domain expertise, deep IT skills in select areas, Geospatial and
Engineering knowhow, and accelerated delivery through repeatable IP led
solutions. As a result, we are able to deliver exceptional value to our
customers. This differentiated and unique combination has given us a
significant competitive edge and permitted Rolta to establish itself as
a mature global IT provider.

For example, to address "Smart City" initiatives globally, we have
developed a comprehensive suite of over 30 state-of-the- art software
products and solutions, which are helping cities around the world
transform how they deliver services and improve citizens lives. Their
success is reflected not only in the numerous recognitions garnered by
customer implementations of these solutions, but also by the continuing
award of such large multi-million dollar projects to us.

Similarly, Rolta has developed rich IP based Engineering Information
Management solutions that combine components of engineering models with
relevant business data, to deliver very valuable insights for business
decisions. In addition, our patented technology caters for real-time
integration and contextual mapping of data from IT and OT systems
resulting in huge benefits to users. Hence, these sophisticated Rolta
IP based solutions have today become an essential feature of mainstream
plant management. Satisfied customers globally are repeatedly engaging
us for solving this complex requirement, resulting in projects worth
many multi millions of dollars, for Rolta.

Due to our end-to-end Enterprise IT and Consultancy Practice, we remain
engaged with our customers over the complete IT lifecycle - covering
architecture, implementation and management of their cloud
infrastructure, consolidating databases, building customized enterprise
applications, and culminating in their BI and Big Data Analytics

Customers are now increasingly looking for a single window solution for
designing, delivering, optimizing and subsequently managing their
Enterprise wide IT requirements. We have, therefore, consciously
focused on delivering end-to-end solutions to our customers in the high
growth segments of BI & Big Data Analytics, Cloud infrastructure,
Converged systems,

Mobility and Enterprise Applications.

Today, more and more organizations need to exploit the huge amount of
data that is being generated world over. When these organizations
are able to combine data from traditional business IT systems with
social media data and integrate the same with data from real time
Operational Systems, they experience an exponential increase in
benefits. This is how Big Data is changing today''s businesses and Rolta
has world class IP and technologies built around its Rolta One View TM
solutions suite, to deliver this integration and the strong resultant
value. Rolta One View TM is now delivering impactful outcomes from Big
Data at some of the world''s largest and industry leading companies,
across a variety of segments - from Oil & Gas to Utilities to
Transportation, by rapidly exploiting the business value of Big Data
and IT-OT integration through diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive

We will continue to always strive for excellence and are confidently
looking at the new Rolta to deliver enhanced value to all our
stakeholders. This new Rolta is ready to take its rightful place
amongst the best IT companies of the world, by competing and excelling
to the fullest of our potential.

K. K. Singh

Chairman & Managing Director

August 14, 2015

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