1929 - The Company was Incorporated at Chennai. The Company''s object is
to manufacture Quintol Hazell-Rane tie rod ends, Ehrenreich
Steering linkages, Don-Flex clutch discs and steering gears.

1956 - Authorised capital increased. 45,960 Bonus equity shares issued
in the prop. 1:1.

1957 - 91,920 Right Equity shares at par in the prop. 1:1.

1960 - 61,280 Right equity shares issued at par in the prop. 1:3.

1964 - 65,000 Right `A'' pref. shares and 1,22,560 Right equity shares
issued at par in 1964-65.

1966 - In July, 1,22,500 Bonus equity shares issued in the prop.

1968 - Authorised capital increased. In November, 2,45,120 Bonus
equity shares issued in the prop. 1:2.

1971 - 3,67,680 bonus equity shares issued in the prop. 1:2.

1975 - Commercial Production of steering gears in technical
collaboration with M/s. Burman & Sons, Ltd., of U.K. commenced
on 20th February.

1978 - The Company''s collaboration agreement with Automotive Products,
Ltd., U.K. for the manufacture of gearless type of rod ends was
approved by Government.

1979 - 5,51,520 Rights equity shares issued at par in prop. 1:2.
Allotted 1,40,000 shares in conversion of loans and 70,000 shares
as Rights entitlement to ICICI.

1981 - The Company undertook to set up a project in Mysore for the
manufacture of 40,000 steering gears per annum.

1985 - The Company entered into a technical aid agreement with TRW
Ehrenreich. The agreement was expected to enable the Company to
upgrade its range of products and manufacturing technology and
ensure an easier entry into the new OEM markets.

1986 - 9,32,280 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2 in February
1982. Pref. shares redeemed on 30.9.1982. All shares then
classified as equity and consolidated on 1.10.1982.

- 6,99,210 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1987 - `Rane Power Steering Ltd.'' was incorporated as a wholly owned
subsidiary of the company to implement fully integrated power
steering project.

1990 - Rane Power Steering Ltd., ceased to be a subsidiary of the

1994 - 20,97,630 Bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1.


-Rane Engine Valves Ltd (acquirer) acquires 25,000 shares amounting 0.60% of Rane (Madras) Ltd


-Company has changed its name from Rane (Madras) Ltd. to Rane (Madras) Ltd.


- Rane Holdings Limited has appointed Mr. L Ganesh as Joint Managing Director.


-Joint Venture between the Rane Holdings Ltd. and NSK Ltd., Japan, formed the company by name Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd.


-Rane enters Defense & Aerospace industry; Acquires 26% Equity Stake in SasMos a Bengaluru based Supplier to Defense & Aerospace Industries.


-Rane Holdings has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 6/- per equity share

- Rane Brake Lining Limited wins Deming Grand Prize.
- Rane (Madras) Limited won Engineering Export Promotion Council''s award for the year 2012-13 under the category ''Quality Excellence''.

- Board recommended a Dividend of Rs. 6.50 per equity share.

-Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited received award from Tata Motors in "Recognition of Long Association" with Tata Motors for 25 years
-Rane (Madras) Limited, Puducherry QCC team, "Vetri" has won 2nd place in the 12th Puducherry State Level QC Convention organised by CII
-Rane TRW Steering Systems Private Limited (SGD) P3 QCC team, "Solutions QCC" won 3rd place in the 28th State level QC Convention organised by CII

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