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    194.05 2.90 (1.52%)

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    22,Mar 00:00
  • DL Recommends: Hold
  • This stock has been recommended hold because some of the parameters like PE Ratio or Pledge has become relatively higher and Institutional holding has become lower.

Key Fundamentals of NRB BEARING

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  • Small Cap
Profit after Tax 90.71 Book Value 39.79
PE Ratio 20.04 Institutions Holding 71
Market Capitalization 1818.27
Debt to Equity Ratio 0.46 EBIDTA 137.27
Dividend Yield 1.38 Promoter's Pledge (%) 9.48

Correction Levels to Buy(From recent high)

Recent High 212.75
10% Correction 191.48
20% Correction 170.20
30 % Correction 148.93

Strong Support Technical Buy Levels(Monthly & Weekly Levels)

Week 1 Level, Current Month Level 189.05
Week 5 Level, Month 1 Level 180.00
Week 8 Level, Month 2 Level 175.30
Week 20 Level 161.25
Month 4 Level 159.50
Week 21 Level 152.00
Month 5 Level 150.00


We recomend to use Weekly and Monthly charts. Daily charts are also given which are used for exits. We donot recomend daily/intraday minuite, hourly charts. The major levels come from weekly and monthly charts which the FII, fund managers usually use for entry and profit exit.

Exchange Symbol NRBBEARING (NSE)
Current Price * (Rs.) 194.05
Face Value (Rs.) 2
52 Week High (Rs.) 223.85 (17-Dec-18)
52 Week Low (Rs.) 130.80 (05-Feb-18)
Life Time high (Rs.) 223.85 (17-Dec-18)
Life Time low (Rs.) 2.18 (11-Oct-01)
Average Daily Movement [ADM] 7.30
Average Volume [20 days] 129240
Average Value [1 Year] 3.09 (Cr)
1 Month Return (%) -9.61
Consolidated FY 15-16 PE Ratio 20.04
Consolidated Trailing PE Ratio 0.00
Standalone FY 15-16 PE Ratio 22.20
Standalone Trailing PE Ratio 16.18
Book Value 39.79
Market Cap 1818.27 (Cr)
% of Promoter holding pledged 9.48

Get to know the NRB BEARING share price & overview of NRB BEARING, 52 week highs/lows & lifetime highs/lows, average volume, adm & 1 month return %.

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