1978 - The Company was incorporated on 21st June, in Uttar Pradesh. The
Company manufacture Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM). The Company
was promoted by A.B. Bofors (Swedish Multinational), Hindustan
Wires Ltd., and Mr. M.L. Bhartia.

- The Company entered into a technical collaboration agreement with
Noble Chematur Division of A.B. Bofors, Sweden for the supply of
know-how and basic engineering for the manufacture of vinyl
acetate monomer.

1981 - 1,200 No. of equity shares subscribed for by the signatories to
the Memorandum of Association. 34,63,800 No. of equity and
38,500 Pref. shares issued through a prospectus during Mar./Apr.
1982, 19,250 Pref. shares each reserved and allotted to UPSIDC
and PICUP. 6,08,370 No. of equity shares reserved and allotted
to Indian private promoters and their associates, 6,55,430 No. of
equity shares reserved and allotted to AB Brothers of Sweden and
22,00,000 No. of equity shares offered at par for public
subscription. Pref. shares redeemable during 28.5.1993/96.

1982 - 6,93,000 Rights Equity shares issued at par in prop. 1:5 (only
5,52,043 shares taken up). The remaining 1,40,357 shares
allotted on private placement basis (including 96,800 shares to

1983 - Another technical collaboration agreement was signed with Crown
Decorative Products Ltd., U.K., and Reed International Company
for the manufacture of high pressure emulsions i.e., Polyvinyl
Acetate Emulsions. This project was commissioned in 1985-86.

- During November, the Company promoted `India Glycols Ltd.'' to
take up the implementation of a project to manufacture Mono
Ethylene Glyco (MEG) at Kashipur, U.P., in technical
collaboration with Scientific Design Co. Int., U.S.A. Commercial
production commenced on 1st January, 1990.

1984 - A technical collaboration agreement was signed with Technimont
Spa of Italy for the manufacture of polyvinyl alcohol with an
installed capacity of 2,000 tonnes per annum. The unit was
commissioned in July 1991, with an installed capacity of 650 MT
per annum. During 1991, the capacity was doubled to 1,400 tonnes
per annum. The Company proposed to enhance the capacity of
2,000 MT per annum by installing additional equipment.

1985 - Vam Leasing Ltd., and Vam Investments Ltd., were incorporated as
wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company.

1986 - 10,06,180 No. of equity shares issued at par to financial
institutions on conversion of loans.

1987 - The Company decided to set up a plant to recover carbon dioxide
in collaboration with Hydrogas Denmart a.s. of Denmark and
manufacture to dry ice. The plant was commissioned in 1989. A
biogas plant was also set up in collaboration with Biotim N.V. of
Belgium as a part of energy conservation programme.

- The Company also promoted `Insilco Ltd.'' jointly with Degussa AG
of West Germany for the manufacture of spray dried silica. The
project was expected to go on stream by the middle of 1991.

- Applications were also submitted to Government for increasing the
production capacity of vinyl acetate monomer from 10,000 tonnes
to 20,000 tonnes per annum.

- In order to part finance the vinyl acetate monomer project,
during January, the company privately placed with financial
institutions, 15% non-convertible debentures worth Rs 1.00
crores. These debentures are redeemable at a premium of 5% in
three equal annual instalments commencing on 27th April, 1993.

- The Company privately placed with financial institutions 14%
non-convertible debentures worth Rs 1.50 crores. These
debentures are redeemable in full at a premium of 5% on 29th
December, 1994.

1989 - A synthetic wood adhesive "Vamicol" was launched in January and
liquid and dry carbon-di-oxide (dryice) were launched in March.
The company installed another new boiler of capacity 25 tonnes
steam/hour based on the fluidised bed technology to eliminate air

- The Company privately placed with financial institutions 14%
non-convertible debentures worth Rs 10 crores. These debentures
are redeemable in full at a premium of 5% on 25th June, 1996.

1990 - The Company commissioned a plant with an installed capacity of
500 tonnes per annum for the manufacture of pyridine and

- The Company undertook to expand the production capacities of
vinyl acetate monomer and its intermediaries i.e., acetic
anhydride and acetic acid. The expanded capacities were
commissioned in October 1990.

- The Company privately placed 14% redeemable non-convertible
debentures of Rs 100 each aggregating Rs 5.00 crores. These
debentures are redeemable at a premium of 5% in three equal
annual instalments commencing on 11th September, 1996.

- During the year, another 5,00,000-14% redeemable non-convertible
debentures of Rs 100 each were privately placed with a provision
to redeem at a premium of 5% in three equal instalments
commencing on 29th March, 1997.

1992 - Ramganga Fertilizers Ltd. (RFL) was amalgamated with the company
effective 1st April, as per BIFR Scheme. As per the scheme of
amalgamation 2,56,522 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were
issued at par to the shareholders of erstwhile RFL in the ratio
of one equity share of the company for every 10.35 No. of equity
share of Rs 10 each fully paid-up of the erstwhile RFL.

1995 - A technical collaboration agreement was signed with Kemira
Coatings Ltd., U.K., to manufacture wood finishes a polymer based
product. Another agreement was also signed with M/s. Teutoburg,
Germany to manufacture construction chemicals in its plant at

- The company proposed to install an additional turbine generator
with a capacity of 5.5 MW in view of high and frequently
incidence of power failure and fluctuation. The company also
proposed to increase the installed capacity of Pyridine &
Picolines by 4,000 tonnes per annum to meet the increasing demand
for the products.

- 2,56,522 No. of equity shares issued to the shareholders of
erstwhile RFL on merger of the said company with company.

1996 - The Company proposed to open offices in Singapore to cater to the
need of S.E. Asia & China & European markets. With a view to
tackling the power failure and fluctuations, the company proposed
to instal a turbine generator with a capacity of 5.5 MW.

- The company made a capital expenditure of Rs 26.40 crores for
taking up projects such as Pyridene & Picolines, wood furnisher,
construction chemicals with the intention of saving valuable
foreign Exchange. It was also proposed to modernise its
sulphuric acid plant. With a view to saving energy the company
proposed to instal biogas fired boiler.

1997 - The Company faced a sharp decline in sales realisation of Acetic
Acid and VAM, due to a combination of the South East Asian
financial debacle and the large capacity build up of Acetic Acid
and VAM in South Korean and Singapore.

- The company has embarked on a substantial capital expenditure
programme to enhance capacities of existing products and also
manufacture new products.

- Vam Organic Chemicals Ltd has registered a 8.97 per cent increase
in net profit for the year ended March 31, 1997 at Rs.23.07
crores as compared to Rs.21.17 crores in the previous year.

1998 - Vam Organics Chemicals has introduced a specialist adhesive
Vam Bond 2001.

- The dry silica venture, jointly promoted by Vam Organics and
Degussa AG of Germany with a 34 per cent stake each has not
been doing too well.

- The company''s performance has been affected due to low
international prices, steady increase in prices of major raw
materials and sluggish growth in the overall market.

- VAM Organic Chemicals Ltd (VOCL) proposes to merge group
companies Anichem India Ltd (AIL) and Enpro Speciality Chemicals
Ltd (ESCL) with itself.

- A planned shut-down of the fertiliser plant was undertaken for 72
days in the quarter for revamping. It also increased its
installed capacity from 125 tonnes per day to 175 tonnes per day
for sulphuric acid. A captive power plant of 12.45 MW was
commissioned in July this year.

- VAM Organic Chemicals Ltd is exploring the possibility of
entering into areas such as sugar, speciality chemicals and
bulk drugs.

- The non-convertible debenture programme of Vam Organic
Chemicals Ltd has been downgraded by ICRA to LA- LAA-.
Vam was the largest player in the alcohol-based organic
chemical industry with the largest capacities in the country
for most of its products including acetic acid, acetic
anhydride, etc.

1999 - VAM Organic Chemicals Ltd (VOCL) has proposed to consolidate and
improve its existing position in the chemical industry in the
current fiscal.

- VOCL has also commissioned the units of Polychem Ltd,
manufacturing alcohol-based chemicals in May.

- The Company''s 22,500 tonnes per annum formaldehyde plant has
been commissioned, permitting it to export greater quantities
of picolines and pyridines. It has also installed new boilers
and increased the capacities of existing plants.

-Enters the Bio / chemo informatics arena by setting up Jubilant Biosys Ltd.

-New corporate identity: Jubilant Organosys Ltd. reflecting changed corporate and business profile


-Acquires the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients business

-Trading symbol of Jubilant Organosys Limited is changed from ''VAMORGANIC '' to ''JUBILANT''

-Jubliant Securites Pvt. Ltd. & Jubliant Capital Pvt. Ltd has acquired 4,38,068 (2.99% of total paid up capital) equity shares.

-Mr. H K Khan (Retd. IAS) has been appointed as additional director with effect from November 05, 2003 on the Board.


-Jubilant Organosys Limited has informed that the Board of Directors at their meeting held on January 9, 2004 have approved for voluntary delisting of equity shares of the Company from The Delhi Stock Exchange Association Limited, The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited, Kolkata and the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Limited subject to the approval of shareholders by special resolution.

-Jubilant Organosys acquires generic pharma Companies in Europe

-Jubilant Organosys signs international contracts worth US$ 60 million in CRAMS for the year 2007


-Acquired pharmaceutical company in USA involved in off patent drug development and supply, and owns US FDA approved manufacturing facility for solid dosage forms.

-Acquires full service Clinical Research Organization in USA involved in providing clinical research services, data management, biostatistics and contract staffing.

-Acquires Target Research Associates, Inc., renamed Clinsys Inc.; a US based Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)

-Acquires Trinity Laboratories, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Trigen Laboratories, Inc., renamed Jubilant Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a generic pharmaceutical company in USA having a US FDA approved formulations manufacturing facility

-Enters Clinsys Clinical Research Ltd. business by setting up wholly owned subsidiary Jubilant Clinsys Ltd.


-Selected as one of the top 25 companies for Institute of Company Secretaries of India National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance
-Finalist in Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance

-Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 5 to Re 1


-Jubilant Organosys Ltd has acquired 100% equity stake in Hollister-Stier Laboratories LLC, USA, engaged in high growth Injectable contract manufacturing and well established and stable Allergy Immunotherapy businesses.

-Acquires Hollister Stier Laboratories in USA, a contract manufacturer of Sterile injectable vials and allergenic extracts.


-Acquires DRAXIS Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Canada, a contract manufacturer of sterile & non-sterile products and radiopharmaceuticals

-Acquires Speciality Molecules Pvt. Ltd. Engaged in the manufacturing of Fine Chemicals used by Life Science Industry including pharma, agro & cosmetic industry.

-Jubilant Organosys and Lilly form Drug development joint venture

- Uttar Pradesh-based pharma major Jubilant Organosys Ltd (JOL) has secured new contracts worth $92 million (Rs.3.7 billion). The contracts have been signed under Customs Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS). Besides marketing its products in the regulated markets of the US, Europe and Japan, the company has managed to make forays into China, said a statement of JOL.


-Jubilant enters into multiple Drug discovery partnerships with leading pharma and biotech -companies such as AstraZeneca, Orion, Endo pharmaceuticals & BioLeap and also extends its collaboration with Lilly for five years.

-Jubilant enters into drug development collaborations with academia, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Southern Research Institute (USA) and Duke University (Singapore).

-Jubilant Kalpataru ? 120 bed super specialty hospital at Barasat, Kolkata, India inaugurated by Hon?ble Minister of Finance Shri Pranab Mukherjee


-ET ? IMEA 2009 Platinum Award by Frost & Sullivan, in the Pharmaceutical category for the API facility at Nanjangud

-Best CFO (FMCG, Health and Retail Sector) to Mr. R. Sankaraiah by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in January, 2010

- Jubilant Organosys Ltd has appointed Mr. Shardul S. Shroff as Additional Director of the Company with effect from March 15, 2010.

- Jubilant Organosys Ltd has signed a USD 51 million CRAMS contract with a leading Life Sciences Company


-The Company has changed from "Jubilant Organosys Ltd" to "JUBILANT LIFE SCIENCES LTD"

-Mr. Shardul S. Shroff has been appointed as Additional Director of the Company.


-Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd has announced another successful delivery of an early stage milestone in the Pain therapeutic area.

-Jubilant Org - Jubilant sets up global scale capacities for Symtet - developed through


-JubilantLife - announced today that they have achieved an early stage milestone in one of their collaborative programs with Chadds Ford.

-"Jubilant HollisterStier Announces Multi-Million Dollar Award for the manufacture of Sterile Parenteral Products".

-"Jubilant SEZ at Bharuch, inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon?ble Chief Minister of Gujarat".

- "Jubilant Life Sciences receives prestigious NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award 2012 for Corporate Social Responsibility."
- Jubilant Life Sciences receives ANDA approval for Quetiapine Fumarate Tablet
-Jubilant Life Sciences declared winner of Supply Chain Excellence Awards? at 7th Express, Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Awards 2013

- Jubilant Life Scienc - Results of Tender Offer for acquisition of minority shares of Cadista Holdings Inc.
- Board recommended a Dividend of Rs.3 per equity shares of Rs.1
-Jubilant Life Sciences wins Excellence Awards at ?India Pharma Awards? 2014
-Jubilant Life Sciences conferred with Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award-2014

-Gold Award in Ankleshwar Chapter Convention on Quality Concepts 2015 (ACCQC)
-Two Honors at the 10th Annual CIO100 Awards by CIO Magazine - CIO100 Innovation Architect Special Awards 2015 and Versatile 100honorees
-Golden Peacock National Quality Award for Quality
-Dataquest Business Technology Awards for Best IT Implementation in Analytics, Mobility, Cloud, ERP/CSM/CRM
-ASSOCHAM?s ?Responsible Organization Excellence? Award 2014-15
-50 Most Talented Sustainability Leaders Award
-15th Annual Greentech Environment Award 2014 - Gold Category winner under Chemicals and Pharmaceutical sector? - Gajraula plant, India
-I.C.O.N.I.C IDC Insights Award, under ?Health and Life Sciences vertical

- Jubilant Life Sciences Limited won the Sustainability Award for Best Green Process in Chemical sector of FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Awards, 2016.

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