GATI Accounting Policy

Significant Accounting Policies:

These financial statements have been prepared to comply with the
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in India (Indian GAAP),
including the Accounting Standards notified under the relevant
provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

Recognition of Income & Expenditure

a) Income and expenditure are generally recognised on accrual basis in
accordance with the applicable accounting standards and provision is
made for all known losses and liabilities.

b) Freight Income is accounted when goods are delivered by the Company to customers.

c) Freight expenses are accounted when hired vehicles deliver goods to the Company at destination.

d) Having regard to the size of operations and the nature and complexities of the company''''s business, freight received/paid in advance is
accounted as income/expenses on payment and interdivisional transfers are eliminated.

e) Year-end liability in respect of claims for loss and damages is
provided as calculated by claims recovery agents. Provident Fund
Provident fund contribution is remitted to appropriate authority.
Superannuation Fund

Superannuation fund contribution is remitted to approved trust fund.
Fixed Assets

a) Fixed Assets are stated at cost and / or at revaluation. Cost includes borrowing cost and indirect expenditure capitalized to the extent
it relates to the construction activity or incidental thereto.

b) Depreciation is provided on straight line method at rates specified in Schedule II to the companies Act, 2013. Depreciation on addition
/deduction is calculated prorata from /to date of addition / deduction. Individual assets cost upto ?5,000/- depreciated fully the year of


Investment are stated at cost or at the fair value.


Petroleum products are valued at lower of cost and net realisable value.

Foreign Exchange Transaction

a) Foreign currency transactions are recorded at average rate for the month.

b) Monetary items in foreign currency at the year end are converted in Indian currency at the year end rates. In terms of the amendments
to Accounting Standard II on The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates, exchange differences relating to long-term monetary
items are dealt with in the following manner:

i) Exchange difference relating to the long term monetary items, arising during the year, in so far as they relate to the acquisition of a
depreciable capital asset are added to/deducted from the cost of the assets and depreciated over the balance life of the asset.

ii) In other cases such differences are accumulated in a "Foreign Currency Monetary Item Transaction Difference Account" and
amortised over the balance life of the long-term monetary item, not beyond 3 I March 2020.

c) Any Income or expenses on account of exchange difference either on settlement or transaction recognized in the Statement of Profit &

d) In respect of forward exchange contracts, the difference between the forward rate exchange rate at the inception of the contract is
recognised as income or expenses over the contract.


Income tax provision for tax is made for both current and deferred taxes. Provision for current income made on the current tax rates
based on the working results of the year. The company provides for deferred tax based on the tax effect of timing difference resulting from
the recognition of items in the accounts and in estimating its current tax provision.The effect on deferred taxes of a change in tax rate is
recognised in the year in which the change is effected.

Impairment of Assets

Impairment of Assets are assessed at each balance sheet date and loss
is recognised whenever recoverable amount of an asset is less than its
carrying amount.

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