FUTURE STRIDES ARCOLAB Public Shareholding - Non Institutions

Study of the shareholding pattern of a company is a very important part of fundamental analysis. The shareholding pattern is a determinant of the market capitalization of the stock and is an indicator of whether the stock valuation is justified or not. Know the Public shareholding % for the last quarter as announced by FUTURE STRIDES ARCOLAB.

Dec-18 | Sep-18
Category & Name of
the Shareholders
No. of
No. of fully paid
up equity shares held
Total no.
shares held
Shareholding %
calculated as per SCRR,
1957 As a % of (A+B+C2)
No of
Voting Rights
Total as a %
of Total Voting
Number of equity shares
held in dematerialized
form(Not Applicable)
Non Institution 82170 19341284 19341284 21.60 19341284 21.00 19180472
Individual share capital upto Rs. 2 Lacs 77389 10041961 10041961 11.21 10041961 11.00 9893147
Individual share capital in excess of Rs. 2 Lacs 38 2597146 2597146 2.90 2597146 3.00 2597146
NBFCs registered with RBI 8 4587 4587 0.01 4587 0.00 4587
Any Other (specify) 4735 6697590 6697590 7.48 6697590 7.00 6685592
SATPAL KHATTAR 1 1560032 1560032 1.74 1560032 2.00 1560032
Grand Total 82170 19341284 19341284 21.60 19341284 21.00 19180472

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