FUTURE HEXAWARE Chairmans Speech

Dear shareholders,

Enterprises are facing singular challenges and opportunities today: Challenges since their established business practices are being aggressively upset by new digital disruptors, opportunities since they have at their disposal tools and technologies to fundamentally reimaging the relationship with their customers, employees and suppliers. Hex aware is uniquely placed to help our clients on their digital journey, by transforming their customers’ experiences and improving the efficiency of their business processes.

The journey to digital is a journey about data and analytics which places particular emphasis on the customer - how they interact with the enterprise and how they interact with the ecosystem that surrounds every enterprise. Effective engagement with customers requires keen insight into everything - from their needs and preferences to how they wish to connect.

One of the challenges to effectively satisfying customers is that they occupy an ever-changing environment Their needs and wants can change seemingly without warning. Therefore, an integrated digital enterprise is customer-aware at every level of the business. From the design of products and services to delivery to support, the customer-aware organization delivers information where and when it is needed to places where it can be used in near-real time, if not real time.

This means that digital enterprises must be nimble and they must have the infrastructure and culture to effectively manage data and insights. The capability to operate and act on analytics as a stimulus for change requires significant organizational flexibility, resilience and adaptability.

How can one embark on a truly transformational digital program?

The first rule in the book that is yet to be fully understood is to ensure that digital is not seen as just one more technology initiative but as a transformation that will impact business processes, stakeholder experiences and even the organization culture, if it has to be effective. The second idea, is to not address digital transformation as some sort of a magic bullet but to embrace a number of initiatives on the technology, process, culture and strategy fronts.

In cognizance of changing technology

patterns in the customer engagement arena, we predict that customer interactions will shift back into more natural forms such as voice. Digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant will become part of a business service that provides a seamless user experience combining other modes such as chat bots and real agents. This will require integration across front end and back end systems underscored by our compostable architecture principles and straight through processing approach.

Hence, a new chapter for IT engagements is unfolding at Hex aware, under which the Company is helping organizations reimaging their businesses, shrink IT costs, enhance business operations, accelerate digital business transformation and maximize returns using the ''''Shrink IT Grow Digital’ philosophy, for which we are one of the pioneers in the Indian IT industry.

We welcome you to be a part of our journey which is really the journey of a digitalizing business in which technology is the centerpiece.

With my very best wishes,

Atul Nishar

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