Dear Members,

The Directors have great pleasure in presenting the 51st Annual Report
for the financial year ended March 31, 2016 along with Audited
Statement of Accounts, the Auditors'''' Report and Review of the Accounts
by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

2015-16 in Retrospect

Your Company sustained its good performance during FY 2015-16. The key
highlights of the financial performance of the Company for the year, as
stated in the audited financial statement, along with the corresponding
performance for the previous year are as under:

Financial Performance

(Figures in Rs. Lakhs)

No. Description 2015-16 2014-15


A (ii) OTHER INCOME 25694 27311

TOTAL INCOME 175278 198611


i) Cost of rendering services 133593 149892

ii) Depreciation 2481 1963

TOTAL 136074 151855

C PROFIT BEFORE TAX (A-B) 39204 46756

D Provision for Current tax 12576 15924

E Provision for Deferred Tax 1252 (90)

F Prior Period Tax Adjustments, Short/ (455) 124

G PROFIT AFTER TAX (C-D-E-F) 25831 30798

H Dividend 13477 16847

I Tax on Dividend 2642 3302

J CSR Activity Reserve (47) (20)

K Retained Profits 9759 10669

L RESERVES & SURPLUS 249655 239943

M NET WORTH 266502 256790

Segment wise Performance

(Figures in Rs. Lakhs)

Consultancy & Engineering Projects Year ended Year ended
31.03.2016 31.03.2015

Segment Revenue

Consultancy & Engineering Projects 99228 94797

Turnkey Projects 50356 76503

Total 149584 171300

Segment Profit From Operations

Consultancy & Engineering Projects 22776 24650

Turnkey Projects 1218 5602

Total (A) 23994 30252

Prior period adjustment 30 818

Interest 10 23

Other un-allocable expenditure 10444 9966

Total (B) 10484 10807

Other Income (C) 25694 27311

Profit Before Tax (A-B C) 39204 46756

Capital Employed (*) 266502 256790

(*) Fixed Assets used in the Company''''s Business or Liabilities
Contracted have not been identified to any of the reportable segments
as the fixed assets and support services are used interchangeably
between segments. Accordingly, no disclosure relating to segment wise
assets and liabilities has been made.


The Board of Directors of the Company has recommended a final dividend
of Rs.2/- per share (of face value of Rs.5/- per share) for the
financial year 2015-16, in addition to Rs.2/- per share interim
dividend already paid during the year. With this, the total dividend
for the financial year 2015-16 works out to Rs.4/- per share amounting
to Rs.13477.46 Lacs excluding dividend distribution tax. The payment of
final dividend is, however, subject to approval of the shareholders in
the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company which shall be paid
to the Members whose names appear in the Register of Members as well as
beneficial ownership position provided by NSDL/ CDSL as on 8th
September, 2016.

Investor Relations

It has been a constant endeavor of your Company to achieve highest
standards of corporate governance and all measures are undertaken to
enhance market confidence and improve shareholder engagement through
periodic, regular, transparent and open communication.

The Management is committed to sharing information with investor
community on the Company''''s performance and convey essential updates on
likely expected projects, new business initiatives, future outlook,
industry insights and avenues of growth potential and investment plans

Investor Relations provides timely communication of such information
which acts as an effective bridge between the management and investor
community. The Investor Relations Cell handles all investor concerns
and issues efficiently, aligning it with disclosure requirements,
transparency and Corporate Governance Rules & Regulations, thereby
inculcating a "trust relationship" with the stakeholders.

The Management and Investor Relations Cell are actively communicating
with the investors by means of one-on-one meetings, conference calls,
investor conferences, road shows, etc. The print and web media are also
being utilized for timely dissemination of vital information, which is
extremely significant in the financial world.

Management Discussion & Analysis

A separate report on Management Discussion & Analysis is annexed to
this Report.

Consultancy Assignments (Domestic)

Offshore Oil and Gas

During the year, EIL continued to make considerable progress in
Offshore Oil & Gas and LNG sectors in India and overseas.

The following consultancy assignments were successfully completed
during the year:

- FEED for Marine Works, Storage Tanks and Re-gasification Terminal for
LNG Terminal at Chhara of HPCL Shapoorji Energy Pvt. Limited (joint
venture project of HPCL and Shapoorji Energy Pvt. Ltd).

- Remedial measures for ONGC''''s 42" SBHT Pipeline at Umharat sea beach.

- Integrated check of platforms under PRP-4 Project.

During the year, EIL secured the following orders against stiff
competition and implementation has taken off in right earnest:

- Construction of fifth oil berth at Jawahar Dweep island of Mumbai
Port Trust.

- Feasibility Report for development of berth in the spending beach to
handle chemical small Parcel size vessels at New Mangalore Port.

- Detailed Feasibility Report & Detailed Project Report to provide
handling equipment at Berth no. 8 for containers and clean cargo at New
Mangalore Port.

Additionally, the following projects are currently under execution:

- Pre-award activities for ONGC''''s Water Injection South (WIS) platform.

- PMC for DahejLNG Terminal Ph-III A Expansion Project of Petronet LNG

- Consultancy services for post-award activities for ONGC''''s BPA- BPB
revamp project.

- Life Extension of Well Platform Project of ONGC.

- Underwater structural repair of HC Platform in Heera Field of ONGC.

- NQ-RC Phase-II Project of ONGC.

Onshore Oil & Gas

During the year, an important assignment of providing PMC services for
Cairn''''s Associated Facilities Project at Mangala Processing Terminal
comprising Storage Tanks and Export System, Power Generation &
Distribution system and integrated balance works was completed.

Additionally, FEED for Bhagyam Polymer EOR Project of Cairn India
Limited was prepared during the year.


EIL has a significant track record in design and execution of cross-
country pipelines for transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum
products, natural gas and LPG. The following assignments were
successfully completed during the year:

- 16" HDD Saloni River crossing for GAIL.

- 24" HDD Ganga River crossing for GAIL.

- 8" HDD Narmada river crossing for ONGC.

The following major pipeline projects are in progress:

- 18" x 45 km Re-routing of Mumbai-Manmad Pipeline for BPCL.

- 24"/ 18"/ 8"/ 4" x 243 km Replacement of KG Basin Pipeline for GAIL.

- 36" HDD SatlujRiver crossing and 18" HDD Yamuna River crossing for

- Upgradation of pumping stations for Naharkatiya-Barauni Crude Oil
Pipeline of Oil India Limited (OIL).

- DFR for Palanpur-Vadodara pipeline project for HPCL.

- DFR for augmentation of Barauni-Bongaigaon Section in
Naharkatiya-Baurauni Crude Oil Pipeline-Upgradation Project (Phase-II)
for OIL.

- 12"/ 8" x 450 km Kochi - Salem LPG Pipeline for KSPPL.

- 18"/ 16" x 275 km Natural Gas Pipeline from Vijaipur to Kota and
Spurline to Chittorgarh for GAIL.

- Engineering and PMC Services for Mundra-Bhatinda Pipeline Capacity
Expansion of HPCL-Mittal Pipeline Ltd.

Petroleum Refining

The following Projects were successfully completed during the year:

- 6 MMTPA CDU-4 project of BPCL Mumbai Refinery.

- Captive Power Plant of IOCL''''s 15 MMTPA Paradip Refinery which was
dedicated to the Nation by Hon''''ble Prime Minister of India Shri
Narendra Modi on February 7, 2016.

- Feasibility Report for BS VI Fuel Quality upgradation for IOCL
Refineries. Reports completed and submitted to client.

During the year, the Company achieved significant progress on the
following major projects:

- The Integrated Refinery Expansion Project of BPCL Kochi Refinery for
enhancing the refining capacity to 15.5 MMTPA has witnessed
considerable progress with engineering and procurement activities
having been completed while the construction activities are in advance
stage of completion. A number of units viz., CDU/VDU, SR LPG and FO/FG
units, RWTP, Cooling Tower-I, GT-III have been mechanically completed
and commissioning activities are in progress.

- EIL is providing EPCM services for conversion of CRU to ISOM and
revamp of NHDS to NHT at BPCL Mumbai Refinery to maximize Isomerate
yield and Octane Number and produce special products like Food Grade
Hexane. Detailed engineering, procurement and construction activities
are in progress.

- EIL has been rendering PMC services for Revamp and Capacity
Enhancement Project of BORL Refinery which aims to increase the
refining capacity from the current 6.0 MMTPA to 7.8 MMTPA. Completion
of BDEP by Licensors for licensed units and procurement activities for
long lead items are nearing completion.

- Procurement and construction activities are in progress for New Coke
Chamber and Allied Modernization Facilities of IOCL Barauni Refinery
for which EIL is providing EPCM Services.

- Engineering, procurement and construction activities are in progress
for Distillate Yield Improvement Project at IOCL Haldia Refinery.

- Detailed engineering and ordering has been completed for INDAdeptG
Project at IOCL, Guwahati Refinery. Construction activities are in

- Substantial progress has been achieved in construction of new RO
Plant at Barauni Refinery.

The following major projects were secured by the Company in the

Petroleum Refining sector during the year and good progress has been
achieved in these projects:

- EPCM services for 2.6 MMTPA Diesel Hydrotreater (DHT) and Associated
Facilities project at BPCL Mumbai Refinery to produce Diesel conforming
to BS IV standards. All major equipment and other materials have been
ordered. Construction activities are progressing in full swing.

- EPCM services for 0.7 MMTPA DHDT and Supporting Facilities project at
Numaligarh Refinery of NRL. Engineering, Procurement and Construction
activities are in full swing.

- HPCL engaged EIL as PMC for the pre-project activities of their Vizag
Refinery Modernization Project. Additionally, multiple assignments for
preparation of DFRs for HPCL''''s new/existing (upgradation) of marketing
terminals across the country have been received.

- EPCM Services for LPG Import facility at Haldia for BPCL.

- HPCL awarded to EIL their new tankages project at Mumbai.
Engineering and tendering is in progress.


The following Projects were successfully completed during the year:

- The Assam Gas Cracker Project, a grass-root petrochemical project of
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited, was commissioned during the
year. The Project was dedicated to the Nation by Hon''''ble Prime Minister
of India Shri Narendra Modi on February 5, 2016. The availability of
petrochemicals from the project will boost the development of plastic
industry in the North-Eastern region of the country.

- GAIL Petrochemical Complex-II Project consisting of Gas Sweetening
and Gas Processing units with associated Captive Power Plant and
Utilities & Offsite at Vijaipur and Gas Cracker complex, GPU-II,
LLDPE/HDPE (Swing unit) and Butene-1 Units at Pata were successfully
commissioned and Plants have been put into operation after

Significant progress has been made on the following petrochemical

- The DahejPetrochemical Complex of ONGC Petro additions Limited (OPaL)
has achieved considerable progress wih the Dual Feed Cracker, HDPE, PP
and Butene units being under commissioning and LLDPE/HDPE Swing Unit is
in advanced stage of completion. The Captive Power Plant and utilities
have been commissioned.

- The Propylene Derivative Petrochemical Plant of BPCL Kochi Refinery
comprising Acrylic Acid Unit, Oxo-Alcohol Unit and Acrylates Unit is
moving ahead with EPCM-I awarded by BPCL for site enabling works, BDEP
review and acceptance of Licensor''''s package. For EPCM-II, go ahead has
been given by BPCL.

- Preparation of DFR for standalone Petrochemical Complex in Andhra
Pradesh for GAIL was awarded during the year.

Strategic Storages

Recognizing the country''''s dependence on imported oil and gas resources,
Government of India (GoI) has embarked on the Strategic Crude Oil
Storage Programme which will bolster India''''s energy security by
creating a buffer stock of crude oil sufficient to meet requirements in
case of any disruption of supplies from abroad.

Under Phase-I of the Strategic Storage programme, EIL is providing PMC
services to Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited (ISPRL) for
construction of underground unlined rock cavern storages in
Vishakhapatnam, Mangalore and Padur having a total capacity of 5.33
MMT. During the year, Vishakhapatnam storage has been commissioned
while pre-commissioning activities are underway at Mangalore and Padur.


The following key metallurgy projects/assignments were completed during
the year:

- Appointment of Mine Developer-cum-Operator for Kapurdi and Jalipa
Mines of Barmer Lignite Mining Company Limited in Rajasthan.

- Feasibility Study for revamping of Rectifier Station-I for Hirakud
Smelter of Hindalco.

- Techno Economic Feasibility study for increasing production,
productivity or profitability of Smelter Plant at Angul for NALCO.

- Benchmarking study for downstream Aluminium industries in the
proposed Aluminium park in Angul.

The following Projects/Assignments are in progress:

- Detailed Feasibility Report based on the report for Scoping Study for
Mechanised Production and Evacuation of Iron Ore from Kurmitar Project
of Odisha Mining Corporation Limited (OMC).

- Review of various high rise structure stability for Hindalco.

In the Infrastructure sector, EIL is providing a wide spectrum of
services such as Project Management, Third Party Inspection (TPI),
Quality Assurance, Independent Engineer & Lender''''s Engineer services,
Project Appraisal and project execution services.

The following infrastructure projects were completed during the year:

- Preparation of Smart City proposals for Moradabad and Rampur.

- PMC Services for Canal lining works of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam
Limited for Package VI.

The following major projects were secured during the year and work on
these projects has been initiated:

- Consultancy services for preparation of Master Plan and DPR for
development of Vijayawada Airport to international standards.

- PMC services including preparation of Service Level Improvement Plan
(SLIP), State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) & DPR and execution of projects
pertaining to water supply, sewerage & septage, transportation and park
development as part of rejuvenation of 9 cities of Odisha under AMRUT
(Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) Scheme.

- PMC Services for Development of IIT Patna Campus.

- PMC Services for Data Centre at Hyderabad for SBI.

- PMC Services for execution of balance works of Konark Sun Temple for
IndianOil Foundation.

- Technical and Financial Audit of Infrastructure works in various
Urban Local Bodies (ULBS) of Punjab for Punjab Municipal Infrastructure
Development Company (PMIDC).

During the year, the Company achieved significant progress on the
following projects:

- PMC services for Headquarter Building of UIDAI in Delhi.

- PMC services for Inland Container Depot for Container Corporation of
India Limited.

- Extension of TPI services for Infrastructure Projects of Pune
Municipal Corporation.

- PMC Services for Biotech Science Cluster, Faridabad.

- PMC Services for Housing Project of Gujarat Housing Board.

- PMC Services for Central University of Punjab at Ghudda, Bhatinda.

- Allied Services for Air Side development of Mumbai Airport.

Pursuant to the declaration of New Investment Policy in January, 2013
by the Government of India and its amendment in September, 2014, the
Fertilizer sector in India is expected to grow in the near future. EIL
is leveraging its capabilities and global network to tap significant
business opportunities presented by this sector in India and Overseas.
As a result, EIL has achieved considerable success in this sector.

As part of strategic investments in the Fertilizer sector, EIL has
taken equity participation in Revival of Ramagundam Fertilizer Project
along with National Fertilizers Limited and Fertilizer Corporation of
India Limited. A joint venture company (M/s Ramagundam Fertilizers and
Chemicals Limited) has been formed to pilot this project. EIL is also
executing this project on EPCM Mode. During the year, significant
progress was achieved on front end activities.

Water and Waste Management

The following major projects were secured by the Company during the

- Namami Gange Programme - execution of entry level activities (Ghats,
Crematoriums & Village level drain treatment) and Sewerage

- PMC Services for sewerage system in Ponda Colony - Zones IA & IB of
Goa for Sewerage and Infrastructure Development Corporation of Goa
Limited (SIDCGL).

- PMC services for implementation of Sewerage Projects on the command
of Najafgarh Drain for segment A-B (Dhansa to Goyla) and B-C (Goyla to
Keshopur) for Delhi Jal Board (DJB).

- Technical and Financial Audit of Infrastructure works to be executed
by the Urban Local Bodies and Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage Board for
Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company.

- EPCM Services for Effluent Treatment Plant at Tengakhat, Assam for
Oil India Limited.

The Interceptor Sewer Project of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for abatement of
pollution in River Yamuna witnessed significant progress during the
year. One Package has been already handed over to DJB and the other
packages are partially ready.

Nuclear Power

In the nuclear power sector, EIL is engineering the Greenfield Nuclear
Fuel Complex at Kota, Rajasthan. During the year, engineering and
procurement activities progressed and site activities gathered

Overseas Assignments

EIL has leveraged its strong track record in the Indian hydrocarbon
sector to successfully expand its international operations . Over the
years, the Company has emerged as a global player with the execution of
a number of prestigious assignments for international energy majors in
Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

During the year, the following overseas projects were completed:

- Detailed Engineering & Procurement services for Slops & Drains
Upgrade at Umm Shaif Super Complex of Abu Dhabi Marine Operating
Company (ADMA-OPCO).

- Study for Up-gradation of Anti Surge Valves for Propane Compressor of
Train 1 & 2 for Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co Ltd (ADGAS).

- Mussaffa Terminal Fire Fighting Facility Adequacy Study for TAKREER.

- Study for LG6 Foundation Rectification - Permanent Solution for

- Technical Support Services Agreement (TSSA) to facilitate and
complete HAZOP Studies for Habshan 1 & 2 Plants of Abu Dhabi Gas
Industries (GASCO).

- Technical Support Study for 2 Nos. External Double Deck Floating Roof
Tanks of ENOC.

- Shahjalal Fertilizer Project in Bangladesh having a capacity of 1000
MTPD Ammonia Plant and 1760 MTPD Melt Area and Urea Granulation Plant.

- PMC services for Indorama Fertilizer Project for Indorama Eleme
Fertilizer and Chemicals Ltd., Nigeria.

- Advance FEED studies for Kuzey-Marmara Fixed Offshore platform and
Pipelines of Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Turkey.

- Draft Pre-Feasibility Study Report for Global Steel Holdings, UK for
Engineering Consultancy services for setting up an Ammonia and Urea
Fertilizer complex in extreme weather conditions in Sakha Province of

- Configuration Study for Petcoke Storage & Handling Facility at Sohar
Port, near Sohar Refinery.

EIL achieved substantial progress in the following major projects:

- EIL is providing EPCM services for the prestigious Dangote Refinery
and Petrochemical Project comprising a 460,000 BPSD grassroot Petroleum
Refinery & 830 KTPA Petrochemical Complex at Lekki Free Trade Zone,
Nigeria for Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC). The major process
units in Refinery include Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), a Residue
Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit, MS Block, a Mild Hydrocracker unit,
Alkylation and Sulphuric Acid Regeneration Unit, Product Treatment
units, Polypropylene Unit, Sulphur block and associated Utilities
generation & Offsite facilities. The Project facilities include crude
oil receipt & storage including two SPMs with associated
offshore/onshore pipelines. The product dispatch facilities include
product disposal through road as well as ships. Dispatch of products
comprise pumping facility, onshore & offshore pipeline as well as three
SPMs. Detailed engineering for the project is in full swing and
recommendation sent for order placement for major Long Lead Items,
Packages and equipment. Second stage 3D model review and HAZOP study
have been concluded for most of the Process Units, Utilities & Offsite

Additionally, EIL is also providing class room and on the job training
to Nigerian Executive Trainee Engineers from DORC. The Trainee
Engineers of DORC will be provided an insight into various facets of
Project Management, Process Design, Detailed Engineering and
Construction Management as well as detailed information about DORC
Refinery by in-house faculty .

- A number of major milestones have been achieved for Sonangol''''s
200,000 BPSD Grassroot Refinery Project at Lobito, Angola which

- Configuration Study for Phase-2 Units completed by EIL.

- Cost Estimates based on KBR FEED have been provided.

Further, FEED revalidation and Licensor''''s selection for BDEP for DHDT,
RFCC, RFCC Gasoline, DCU and Meroxes are underway.

- Under PMC services for Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Algiers
Refinery of SONATRACH, substantial progress has been achieved on
construction front.

- PMC services for EPC of Upgrade & Replacement of Substations project
Phase-1 of ADGAS.

- Design Consultancy and Project Management Consultancy services for
miscellaneous tank farm, piping, instrumentation and control system,
inspection, repair, maintenance & upgrade works at various depots of

- PMC services for Pipeline projects of GASCO, Abu Dhabi.

- Installation of Chemical injection Skids and Solar power systems in

- Protection Relay Coordination Study for the Abu Dhabi Refinery
Division Electrical Power Network of TAKREER.

- Pre FEED/FEED Study for Flash Gas Compressor Diversion Line.

- PMC services for Liwa Plastics Project of Orpic, Oman.

- PMC services for RFCC unit revamp and various unit improvements works
at Sohar Refinery for Orpic, Oman.

- PMC services for 1900 TPD Ammonia Plant in Central Sulavesi for PAU,

- PMC services for Al Dabbiyah ASR gas development project of ADCO.

Turnkey Projects

EIL''''s turnkey project portfolio consists of projects executed on LSTK
mode or on the ''''Open Book Estimate (OBE)'''' basis. The following LSTK/
OBE jobs witnessed considerable progress during the year:

- GSPC''''s Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT) project at Mallavaram, Andhra
Pradesh, executed on OBE mode, was commissioned during the year.

- Coker Block of Resid Upgradation Project of CPCL-Chennai is being
executed by EIL on Lump sum Turnkey basis comprising DCU of 2.2 MMTPA
and LPG CFC Treating Unit of 8.8 TPH. Piping, Electrical and
Instrumentation works are in full swing.

- South Jetty Pipeline project for loading/unloading of petroleum
products and crude oil for IOCL Paradip Refinery, being executed on OBE
mode, is nearing completion.

- Modification work is in progress at Hazira Plant under Daman
Development Project of ONGC on OBE basis.

During the year, EIL was successful in securing the job for executing
Installation of Lean Gas Compressor and Associated facilities at Hazira
Gas Processing Complex on OBE basis from ONGC.

Performance of Divisions

Process Design & Development

The Process Design & Development Division of EIL continued its efforts
to secure business from new clients besides serving various existing
clients, both in India and in overseas. Prominent assignments
undertaken by the Division during the year include the following:

- DFR for capacity expansion of IOCL''''s Gujarat Refinery from a crude
processing capacity of 13.7 MMTPA to 18 MMTPA.

- Basic Design Engineering Package and other services for revamping
DHDT Unit at IOCL''''s Gujarat Refinery.

- PMC services for the Sulphur Block and Utilities & Offsites of
Aishwarya project for IOCL''''s Haldia Refinery under LSTK mode.

- Revamp of Vis-breaker of IOCL''''s Haldia Refinery through installation
of soaker internals.

- Coke Chamber replacement and modernization of Coker-A of IOCL''''s
Barauni Refinery.

- EPCM Services for DHDT Project for Numaligarh Refinery Ltd.

- DFR for 6 MMTPA expansion of Numaligarh Refinery based on 100% Sour
Crude processing.

- Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities for the 2.2 MMTPA
Delayed Coker Unit of CPCL''''s Chennai Refinery.

- Detailed engineering and pre-commissioning for Integrated Refinery
Expansion Project at BPCL''''s Kochi Refinery for enhancing crude
processing capacity from 9.5 to 15.5 MMTPA.

- PFR for maximization of production of MS and Diesel, fuel quality
upgradation to BS VI in BPCL''''s Kochi refinery.

- Licensor selection for BS-VI MS Block, BDEP for utilities & offsite
and DFR for BS-VI MS Block for BPCL Kochi.

- Configuration Study and Capacity expansion study for BPCL''''s Mahul
Refinery for enhancing crude processing from 12 MMTPA to 14 MMTPA.

- Residual, detailed engineering and commissioning of grass root Crude
Distillation Unit (CDU-4) at BPCL''''s Mumbai Refinery for 6 MMTPA crude
processing facility.

- Licensor evaluation and detailed engineering for grass root Diesel
Hydrotreater unit for BPCL''''s Mumbai Refinery. Design and detail
engineering of new and revamped, associated facilities i.e., CDU-3
(RMP), SWS, ARU, HGU, Utilities and Offsites.

- PFR for BORL''''s Bina refinery expansion to 15.5 MMTPA and installation
of facilities required for building basic blocks of the petrochemical
hub in Bina Region.

- Preparation of revamp process packages of CDU/VDU and other open art
treating units, utilities and offsite besides review of revamp process
packages of licensed units of BORL''''s Bina refinery.

- Configuration study and DFR for HPCL''''s Mumbai Refinery for expansion
of crude processing capacity from 7.5 MMTPA to 9.5 MMTPA.

- DFR for expanding HPCL''''s Vizag Refinery crude processing capacity to
15 MMTPA with inclusion of suitable bottom upgradation facilities for
distillate yield and product quality improvement.

- Revalidation of HPCL''''s Vizag Refinery Modernization Project DFR for
100% BS-V quality MS and Diesel production.

- Licensor selection of Naphtha Isomerisation Unit, Full Conversion
Hydrocracker Unit, design of new CDU/VDU, Utilities and Offsite
facilities for HPCL''''s Vizag Refinery.

- Licensor selection for Residue Upgradation facilities of HPCL''''s Vizag
Refinery Modernization Project.

- Configuration study for BS-VI Autofuels production and 18 MMTPA
debottlenecking for MRPL integrated refinery and aromatic complex.

- Basic engineering and design services for FCC feed preparation unit
for Essar Oil Limited at Vadinar Refinery, Gujarat.

- Feed Augmentation study with Ethane import facilities for GAIL''''s
Petrochemical Complex at Vijaipur and Pata.

- Site selection and preparation of Feasibility Report for Green Filed
Petrochemical Complex based on imported Ethane for GAIL (India) Ltd.

- License, Engineering, Procurement and Construction management (LEPCM)
Services with single point responsibility for Methanol ISBL plant and
integrated OSBL facilities for 500 TPD Methanol and 200 TPD Acetic acid
plant of Assam Petrochemical (APL).

- Vetting of Prefeasibility Report carried out by Adani Energy Limited
in Chhattisgarh for Polygeneration.

- PFR for 2200 TPD Ammonia and 3850 TPD Urea plants in Siberia, Russia
for Global Steel.

- PFR for NFL pet coke gasification project.

- Surge analysis for SMPL debottlenecking project, PHBPL and MPPL.

- Study Report for Expansion of GGSR to 18 MMTPA with Integrated
Petrochemical Complex.

- Configuration Study, Licensor Selection and Feed Revalidation for
Sonaref Refinery of Sonangol, Angola.

- Feasibility Report for BS-VI Fuel Quality Upgradation of five IOCL

- Consultancy Services for VGO HDT and SRU revamp and additional
Offsite under LCEP of GGSR Refinery.

- Conceptual Study for a Mega Refinery-cum-Petrochemical Complex on
West Coast of India.

- Configuration study for proposed refinery project in South Sudan.

- Preparation of DFR for standalone petrochemical complex based on
imported Ethane.

- FEED preparation for revamp of Unmanned Platform Phase-II for ONGC.

- Study for Assessment and utilization of gas for the Western Offshore
assets of ONGC to examine the potential for further optimization of gas

- Preparation of Advance FEED package for Kuzey Marmara DP-1 & DP-2
platform offshore facilities for Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO).

- Study report for examining the impact of high H2S content in ONGC''''s
B193 platform.

- Preparation of feasibility report for supply of petroleum products
(in & around Mauritius and main land Africa, particularly east & south)
was completed.

- Technical Feasibility Report & Detailed Feasibility Report for LPG
transportation in Ramanmandi-Bahadurgarh pipeline along with facilities
for separation of LPG/HSD, LPG/MS and MS/HSD for HPCL is in progress.

- BDEP preparation for Life Extension of Well Platform (LEWP) project
(Tender-1, Tender-2 & Tender-3) for ONGC was completed.

- PMC services for post award activities of Life Extension of Well
Platform (LEWP) project.

- FEED development for WIS Reconstruction Project to install a new
water injection platform with a capacity of 3710 m3/hr at Mumbai High
south field of ONGC is in progress.


During the year, the Engineering Divisions of EIL continued their
efforts towards providing optimized and value added services for all
ongoing projects consistent with the client requirements and objectives
of the Company. The various divisions maintained focus on key areas
like System Improvement and quality of deliverables, enhanced
productivity by adopting knowledge from past data, repeatability of
design, enhanced software application and implementation of Electronic
Data Management System (eDMS) alongwith improved information exchange
and communication systems resulting in lesser manual interfaces. Major
emphasis was laid on Automation and Standardization of systems,
implementation of Internal Audit and Monitoring and updation of
specifications standards and guides. A large number of innovative
processes, concepts and technologies were implemented for the first
time this year and some of them are as follows:

- Maiden Implementation of 66KV Gas Insulated Indoor Switchboards for a
project being executed in EPCM mode including development of
specifications, data sheets, offer evaluation and preparation of
contract specifications (Technical). Till recently, EIL had been going
in for 33KV as primary distribution voltage for all projects being
executed in conventional mode. For DORC''''s 20MMTPA refinery cum
petrochemical project, 66KV has been designated as the primary
distribution voltage across the plant in view of the large quantum of
Electric Power required to be handled and distributed because of the
mega size of the plant and future expansion plans for the same.

- Development of new specifications for XLPE insulated Fire Retardant
Low Smoke Extra High Voltage Cables, suitable working voltage being
enhanced from 66KV to 220KV. This was done in view of mega projects
wherein 66KV or higher voltage is required.

- Use of energy efficient electrical equipment/systems has been
initiated in all projects. As a responsible corporate with concern for
global warming and carbon foot print, use of energy efficient motors of
min. 1E2 type and 100% LED fixtures for lighting of process / offsite
and utilities has been initiated. This has been made a standard
practice for all projects being handled.

- To provide protection from soil side corrosion of carbon steel
mounded bullets (new construction) with operating temperature not
exceeding 55 deg.C, application of thermally sprayed Zn coating (TSZC)
with paint top coat on external surface mounded bullet is employed as
sacrificial type CP System. This requires no maintenance and
monitoring. For corrosion protection of steel components exposed to
water, bimetallic component (new construction) of cooler and condenser,
application of thermally sprayed aluminum coatings (TSAC) with top coat
Sealant on channel, tube sheet, flange faces, gasket seating surface is
used as sacrificial type CP System. This also does not require
maintenance and monitoring system.

Focused Services for corrosion protection and refurbishment of existing

- Revamping the Corrosion Protection system for LPG mounded storage
tanks at GPU, Usar.

- Corrosion Protection audit for Vizag Refinery.

- Pipeline Inspection and CIPL survey of five pipelines from Jawahar
Dweep to Pirpau, Mumbai Port Trust.

- Miscellaneous troubleshooting/consulting related to Corrosion
Protection activities in IOCL, Mathura/ONGC/GAIL etc.

New technologies implemented/proposed by Instrumentation Department
during the year are as under:

- GSM/RF based automatic water consumption data gathering system for
household water metering in AMRUT Project for nine cities of Odisha.

- Study Report on implementation of Wireless TETRA system in BORL
Refinery complex and its adjacent township. The study includes
integration of existing VHF based system with TETRA system.

- A PLC based loading arm system for sensing loading arms and enforcing
shutdown of the same in case of emergencies at Mumbai Port Trust Jetty

- Maiden usage of Inception type aspiration based smoke detection
system for the rooms of offshore platforms in Neelam Redevelopment
project, ONGC.

New technologies implemented/proposed by Equipment Division during the
year are as under:

- Basic design and engineering of Non-Conventional Coke Dispatch scheme
for Aishwarya Project of IOCL to accomplish complete rake loading in
space constraints i.e. in space approximately 3 times lesser than that
required in conventional scheme. This has been achieved for the first
time in EIL.

- Design and engineering of Truck Loading gantry to take care of wide
variation in tanker sizes from 33 kl to 60 kl was carried out for
Dangote Refinery & Petrochemical plant for the first time.

- Basic engineering and procurement of energy efficient VAV (Variable
Air Volume) air conditioning system for LAB building in MRPL Phase-III
Expansion Project and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning
system for MBBVPL project of M/s GITL. This is a relatively new
concept and has been done for the first time in EIL.

- Conceptualization of HVAC system for Catalyst, Chemical and TEAL
storage building in Dahej Petrochemical complex (OPaL) and developing
detailed HVAC scheme for Hazardous areas handling, especially for
critical chemicals like Peroxide, TEAL etc. The building shall house
chemicals and catalysts vital to plant equipment operation and
requiring stringent HVAC conditions.

- A major landmark in design capability was reached this year with the
design of 2 Ammonia Tanks of 10000 MT capacity.

Capability and Technology Enhancement in new areas having significant
business potential in future:

Capability Development in the following new fields has been vigorously
pursued and achieved during the year which will open up new business
avenues for EIL:

- Design and Analysis of Bagging Silos.

- Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Pressure Vessel and Piping
Components as per ASME Section VIII Division 2 Code 2015 edition.

- Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Analysis of Coke Drums using Field Measured
Thermocouple Temperature Data.

- Conversion of Non - Blast Proof Control Rooms to Blast Proof Control
Rooms. New projects have been secured in this field already.

- Design and Analysis of Single Deck and Double Deck Floating Roof
Tanks. Trouble shooting involving double deck floating roofs has been
carried out for ENOC, Dubai.

- Evaluation of flaws like cracks in Pressure Vessels and Piping

- Design and Analysis of Double Walled Liquefied Nitrogen Vessels.

- Dynamic Mooring Analysis of LNG Carriers.

The following specialized studies have been performed:

- Transient Preheat Analysis of Sodium Piping in Nuclear Plants.

- Seismic Re-qualification of Tanks.

Project Services - Costing

Cost Engineering Department of EIL provides cost related services for
various projects in all fields of operations from inception to
commissioning and beyond, for domestic as well as overseas jobs. Cost
Engineering provides services such as preparation of capital cost
estimates and financial/economic analysis for diverse activities
ranging from technology selection to preparation of feasibility reports
and option study estimates for investment decisions pertaining to
projects handled by EIL in various areas like Refineries,
Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Cross country pipelines, Power projects,
Metallurgy, Mines, Strategic Storage, Offshore Oil & Gas,
Infrastructure (such as Namami Gange and AMRUT) etc. It provides cost
estimates for procurement and tendering, assistance during price
negotiation, cost monitoring and control during execution of projects
under conventional and LSTK mode of execution. It also prepares cost
estimates for bidding in EPC contracts.

Cost engineering has been maintaining historical data related to
procurement and tendering of individual items ranging from nuts/
bolts/gaskets to packages worth thousands of Crores since past two
decades, which is unparalleled worldwide. This data bank is constantly
updated based on the projects handled by EIL. The data bank has
captured the historical data for all the projects handled by EIL, at
item, unit and project levels. Cost Engineering prepares thousands of
cost estimates annually, worth Crores of Rupees for various
projects/items with a wide range of value. This vast database provides
capabilities for valuable support in decision making regarding
investments, bid evaluation and award of contracts as well as effective
cost control services.

Project Services - Planning

The Planning Division continued to provide planning, scheduling,
monitoring, project risk management and material control services to
various projects. Using state-of-the-art tools and its database, the
Division caters to diverse project execution roles of the Company, viz.
EPCM, PMC, LSTK/OBE modes. The Division also continued to provide
project monitoring services to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural
Gas, as in the preceding years.

Procurement Services

The Procurement Services Division, through its knowledge pool of
experienced manpower, provides complete supply chain management &
contracting services to various domestic and global clients besides
serving EIL''''s in-house requirements. These services include Supplier/
Contractor Registration, Contracting & Purchasing of goods/ services/
works, Expediting, Inspection, Logistics, Supplier/ Contractor
Performance Review etc. The division contributes to successful
execution of projects being set up through procurement of works,
material and services pertaining to specified quality within designated
time at the most competitive price in a fair, just and transparent

The Procurement Services Division, in order to excel in its services,
has been continuously improving its systems and working procedures by
introduction/ upgradation of IT tools, newer technologies, guidelines,
database and most importantly, updation of knowledge and skills of its
officials. This has resulted in efficiency, effectiveness and
transparency in procurement.

Over the years, all procurement functions have been IT enabled - from
the receipt of indent to inspection, dispatch and transportation of
equipment. EIL was one of the earliest PSUs that had implemented
e-Procurement as well as reverse auction for contracting and
purchasing. The Division has an integrated in-house ERP & eDMS
application linking all procurement functions across various
geographical locations.

In the current year, orders for Rs.370 Crores of direct purchase and
contracts were placed on suppliers/contractors globally for various
OBE/LSTK/Depository projects. In addition, orders for Rs.3900 Crores
were placed for various other clients'''' projects.

EIL has been instrumental in stimulating and promoting domestic
manufacturing and production capacities besides providing support to
priority sectors in becoming more competitive and export oriented. EIL
has also been in the forefront in supporting Government initiatives in
enhancement of indigenous vendors'''' involvement in Government

While whole heartedly carrying on Government of India''''s Make in India
initiative with an aim to get global recognition for the Indian
economy, EIL has been pursuing several initiatives like focus on import
substitution, vendor interaction to upgrade indigenous manufacturing
processes and technologies, online empanelment of prospective vendors
and skill development of vendors through continuous interaction,
assessment, evaluation and feedback.

Government of India, through Public Procurement Policy (PPP)-2012 for
Micro and Small Enterprises, has set certain milestones for the
Government and PSUs to achieve. EIL, through its commitment and
dedication has been instrumental in implementation of this policy and
ensuring increased participation of MSEs in the Company''''s procurement.
EIL has procured Rs.47.14 Crores goods and services from micro and
small enterprises, which is around 30.57% of the total value of direct
purchase orders for goods and service contracts, placed by EIL during
the year 2015-16.

EIL has been organizing and participating in various seminars organised
by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to encourage
development of MSME sector including SC/ST Entrepreneurs. EIL has
participated in various seminars organised in Delhi, Kolkata, Karnal,
Solan, Chennai, Ghaziabad by CII, HPCL, BPCL etc.

Procurement Services Division carried out in-process and pre-dispatch
inspection of critical equipment at suppliers'''' works as well as at
Project sites through its regional Procurement Offices, located all
over the country and overseas offices located in London, Shanghai and
Milan. Major items inspected included two VGO Reactors (Chrome Moly)
weighing 550 MT each, for BPCL IREP Project amongst many other large
sized equipments. Ten engineers were trained in TOFD (Time of Flight
Defraction) and PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), i.e., the
latest NDT Techniques, which resulted in reducing delays as compared to
conventional Radiography techniques.

Procurement Services Division has been playing a major role in
development of Indian industry. Under the Government of India''''s Make in
India drive, several steps have been taken to increase local industry
participation and provide encouragement to overseas industry towards
setting up plants in India.


The Division provides services for Construction Management in totality
including Contract Administration, Construction Quality Surveillance,
Feedback Analysis, HSE and Warehouse Management for various projects of
EIL, withstanding diverse challenges and local impediments associated
with climatic conditions, difficult terrain, space constraints etc.
which are unique to the nature of the project.

During 2015-2016, Construction Division continued to provide
Construction Management Services for various clients at 58 domestic and
5 overseas locations.

Concurrent prestigious commitments for the Division include Integrated
Refinery Expansion Project at Kochi, OPaL Petrochemical Complex at
Dahej, DCU for CPCL at Chennai, SJPL Paradeep, NBPS Guwahati, Indorama
Fertilizer Project in Nigeria, Rehabilitation Project at Algeria, ADGAS
in Abu Dhabi, Orpic in Oman and GASCO Abu Dhabi.

Construction activities commenced for the following projects during the

- Revival of Ramagundam Fertilizer Project

- DCU & RO Plant, IOCL Barauni Refinery

- Aishwarya Project, IOCL Haldia Refinery

- DHDT Project, Numaligarh Refinery

- De-bottlenecking of Bina Refinery, BORL

- DHT, NHT ISOM and TGTU, BPCL Mumbai Refinery

- Daman Development Project, ONGC Hazira

- RO Plant, IOCL Gujarat Refinery, Vadodara

- Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda

- UIDAI HQ Building, New Delhi

- PDPP, BPCL Kochi Refinery

- Kochi - Salem LPG Pipeline for KSPPL

- Petcoke Evacuation Road, Mangalore

- HDD-Yamuna/ Sutlej/ Solani

- Mounded Bullet, IOCL Panipat Refinery

- Ammonia Plant, Indonesia

- Orpic, Oman

- Dangote Refinery, Nigeria

- AMRUT, Odisha

- Namami Gange

The Construction Division leverages its highly skilled and motivated
team for establishing and monitoring adherence of Construction Quality
Management system. The system advocates quality plans, inspection test
plans and implementation of special processes for concreting, welding
involving latest NDT techniques, digital radiography, ultrasonic test
etc. during all phases of construction to ensure trouble free
commissioning/operation of critical units.

The Construction activities for the following Projects/Units were
completed during the year:

- Assam Gas Cracker Project of BCPL at Lepetkata, Assam

- Wax Project, Numaligarh Refinery, Assam

- CDU-4, BPCL Mumbai Refinery

- 42" Re-Routed SBHT Line

- South Oil Jetty of IOCL Refinery, Paradeep

- Petrochemical Complex of GAIL at Vijaipur and Pata

- SSP, Vishakhapatnam

- PPU, Mangalore Refinery

- Dream Building-Delhi University

- Shahjalal Fertilizer Project, Bangladesh

- Indorama Fertilizer Project, Nigeria

- GAIL Spur Line for Hubbali Connectivity

The Construction Division deployed a host of innovative construction
techniques and improvised equipment/machineries to minimize
construction schedule across project sites, as mentioned below:

- Modular construction of Tech Structure and Pipe rack

- Use of Pre-fabricated structures

- Use of Auto Blasting and auto beveling machines

- Use of monsoon shelter/hanging platform

- Extensive use of Auto UT/TOFD techniques as an alternative to
hazardous conventional NDT methods like radiography.

The Company''''s commitment towards adherence of world-class Health,
Safety and Environment standards in the execution of projects was
epitomized by the multitude of accolades received from clients, during
the year:

- 75 Million LTA free man-hours at BCPL, Lepetkata, Assam

- 58 Million LTA free man-hours at Petrochemical complex-II, GAIL, Pata

- 5 Million LTA free man-hours at EPCC-1, CPCL, Chennai

- 2 Million LTA free man-hours at DCU of IOCL Barauni Environmental
Engineering Services

EIL''''s accords utmost priority towards preservance of health and safety
of people as well as natural environment during its services to
customers. The Company enables the adoption of innovative integrated
water management solutions for industries and municipalities, while
working to increase environmental, social and economic benefits. EIL''''s
commitment to sustainable environment is reflected from the fact that
the Company has a full-fledged Environment, Water & Safety Division in
the company, which has completed several projects in diversified fields
of environmental engineering including water & wastewater treatment;
effluent recycle and zero discharge projects; Environmental Impact
Assessment studies; Environmental Audits; Air Quality Assessment,
Modeling and Control; Ground Water Monitoring Studies; Solid and
Hazardous Waste Management; Oily Sludge Management; Volatile Organic
Carbon (Voc) and Fugitive Emissions Control; Site Assessment and
Remediation; Environmental Health & Risk Management; Environmental
Management Plans etc.

Some of the major achievements of EIL during FY 2015-16 include the

- Membrane (ultra-filtration) based raw water treatment plant for
OPaL''''s Dahej Petrochemical Complex was commissioned successfully. This
is the first plant in Indian hydrocarbon industry and one of the
biggest installations in India for surface water treatment based on
membrane processes. This plant will pave way for the treatment of raw
water using membrane route with minimum footprint area and compatible
cost besides advanced treatment and reduced project delivery time.

- EIL continued to provide consultancy services in municipal water and
sewerage sector including Condition Assessment, Feasibility Study,
entry level activities under Namami Gange Program, PMC Services to
Odisha Water Supply & Sewerage Board (OWSSB) for management of Septage
under AMRUT, Detailed Feasibility and Project report to Punjab Water
Supply & Sewerage Board (PWSSB) for abatement of pollution in Buddha
Nala in Ludhiana and PMC Services to Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for
construction of Sewerage Network and Sewage Treatment Plants in
Najafgarh Area as per NGT guidelines.

- Surveillance assessment of EIL was carried out by Quality Council of
India (QCI) and the Company''''s accreditation has been continued for EIA
studies in India. EIL has now been accredited in twelve sectors with
the addition of a new sector viz., ''''Isolated Storage & Handling of
Hazardous Chemicals''''. The Company has QCI-NABET accredited in-house EIA
Coordinators and Functional Area Experts.

- Environment clearances were obtained from the Ministry of
Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) for RFCL''''s Ramagundam
Fertilizer Project, HPCL''''s Visakh Refinery Modernization Project, and
MOPA airport at Goa. Environment clearance was also obtained from State
Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) for IOCL Mathura GT-IV Project.

As a part of MoU with MoP&NG, EIL is continuing its efforts towards
Sustainable Development. Biodiversity Improvement Project (Phase-IV)
for flowering plants in the EIL''''s Gurgaon Complex has been completed.

Research & Development

EIL has continually endeavored to deliver optimum services to the
clients by providing value addition and leveraging technological
advances. It is with this objective of fostering the spirit of
innovation and creativity in the organization that the Research and
Development Division was established. R&D has contributed significantly
in the consolidation of existing capabilities, development of new
technologies and hardware besides enhancement of the portfolio for
special technology related services. The Division is pursuing
developmental activities, both in-house and in collaboration with
academic institutes like IIT Delhi and other R&D organizations like
IOCL-R&D, CSIR-IIP, BPCL (R&D) etc. Apart from these established R&D
organizations, EIL (R&D) has also been collaborating and cooperating
with small companies to promote the creative ideas generated by them.

During the year, R&D Division has undertaken the following initiatives
for development of new capabilities and up-gradation /
commercialization of existing capabilities:

Technology Development Projects Initiated:

- New separation devices for preflash drum

- Design methodology for trays with explosion hatches

- Basic Design for 1700 TPD fluidized type Coal Gasifier for processing
high ash Indian coal

- Process scheme for selective Di-Olefin saturation for upgradation of
Coker Gasoline

- Process for hydrogen recovery from refinery off-gas using cryogenic

- Process development for ATF hydro treatment

- Technology for Amine treatment (low pressure) of Hotwell off gasses

- Novel hardware for aiding reaction between basic media and middle or
light petroleum distillates

- Feasibility study of improved 3 phase reactor configuration for
hydroprocessing applications

- Catalyst and process for slurry phase residue hydrocracking

- Low pressure process technology for H2S recovery from clause tail gas

- Technology for Kerosene Dearomatization using Liquid Extraction for
producing aromatic free solvents.

Technology Commercialization Efforts:

- Energy Efficiency Improvement Study (EEIS) at HPCL Visakh Refinery in
association with CHT.

- Study for adequacy check and up-gradation of Anti Surge Valves for
Propane Compressor of Train 1 & 2 in ADGAS LNG plant at Das Island, Abu

- Preparation of Feasibility Report for BORL towards implementation of
process for hydrogen recovery from refinery off-gas using cryogenic

- A proposal was sent to BORL for implementation of Kero
Dearomatisation technology for production of aromatics free solvents
from hydrotreated kerosene.

- Revamp of DHDT/DHDS reactor of IOCL Gujarat Refinery using EIL-IOCL
developed DHDT/DHDS technology.

- Grassroot Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) and Tail Gas Treating Unit
(TGTU) at Numaligarh Refinery.

- Grassroot Sulfur Recovery Unit with Oxygen Enrichment facility
towards 35% capacity enhancement at BORL.

- Scope definition studies were carried out for integration of Group
Gathering Station process system with Solar Block at ONGC, Mehsana.

- Preparation of technology booklets and brochures for highlighting
capabilities and advantages of various indigenous technologies
developed by EIL.

- Following orders were received for development of high capacity trays
and packings from

- BPCL-Mumbai for supply of Parlpak in two quench columns and two amine
absorption columns of TGTU

- HPCL-Mumbai for supply of Parlpak in one quench column and one amine
absorption column of TGTU

Initiatives taken for strengthening technology tie ups:

Renewal of membership for FY2015-16 for

- Process Science Technology Center (PSTC), an industry- academia
collaborative research program initiated by University of Texas, USA.

- Fractionation Research Incorporated (FRI), a non-profit ooperative
research organization based at Oklahoma, USA.

- Process Integration Research Consortium (PIRC), University of
Manchester UK.

Patents/Trademarks filed /granted

During the year 5 patents have been filed as below:

- Process and Apparatus for low pressure H2S absorption (provisional)

- Apparatus and method for removal of sulphur-containing impurities

- Process for recovering hydrogen from off-gas stream and a system

- Low pressure process for recovering H2S from Claus tail gas and a
system for absorbing H2S.

- System for gas-liquid distribution on a catalyst bed in a trickle bed

The following patent has been granted this year:

- Patent No: 269940 (19.11.2015) - Novel Distributor Tray for Trickle
Bed Reactor

In a significant initiative, Trademarks pertaining to 9 in-house
technologies were applied for registration to enhance the brand image
of the Company.

Specialist Materials and Maintenance Services

EIL provides specialist services to various in-house projects and
clients in Petroleum, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Nuclear and
Infrastructure sectors, in India and abroad. Some of the important
assignments are mentioned below:

- Health study of dual diameter Usargarh - Dabhol gas pipeline for
GAIL, Mumbai

- Health study of natural gas fuel pipeline for NTPC, Kawas

- Health assessment of Mumbai-Pune pipeline for HPCL Mumbai

- Health study of five pipelines from Pir Pau to Jawahar Dweep, Mumbai
Port Trust, Mumbai.

- Restoration of Cathodic Protection system at Petrochemical Plant-I,
GAIL, Pata

- Revamp of Cathodic Protection system for LPG mounded storage tanks at

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) Division continued to make
advances, providing high-tech IT enabled services to EIL''''s mainstream
activities by developing/implementing IT solutions to deliver better
quality services with emphasis on increased efficiency and improved
productivity. Various initiatives were taken during the year as
enumerated below:

- Up-gradation of IT Infrastructure

- Up-gradation of EILNet: The network and internet bandwidth of EILNet
are being enhanced by adding new locations.

- New servers were procured and Oracle databases were migrated along
with built-in redundancy and load-sharing using the RAC feature of
Oracle. This facilitated a redundant environment for EIL applications
as well as databases.

- The implementation of IT infrastructure at Abu Dhabi hub, which
included PCs, peripherals, LAN and video- conferencing was completed.

- To automate schedule monitoring during project execution, a
Manufacturing Schedule Portal was developed for suppliers. A new, web
based system for Supplier Database Management is also under

- A new software was developed for management of tender related
billing, titled RA Billing System. This shall facilitate construction
engineers in provide faster billing information and the designers in
accurate calculation of tender item quantities.

- Development of a 3D Modeling Progress Monitoring System is in
progress for fetching information from various sources (PDMS/ PDS/
IPMCS/ eDMS etc.) and compiling them in a single user interface to
allow the end user to track progress of modeling, stress analysis,
isometric preparation, verification and other piping activities,
thereby planning the timely release of Isometrics.

- Enhancements in existing systems

Improvement and enhancement of existing systems is done regularly at
ITS. During the year, various software were enhanced by adding latest
features and functionalities:

- As a part of statutory requirement of the Government of India, the
eTDS system at EIL was modified in line with the changed formats and
validations released by NSDL. Also, modifications were made in vendor
TDS return filing program in compliance with the latest file validation
utility of NSDL.

- A single window facility was developed for NEFT transfer of employee
salary. It enables employees to have salary accounts in any bank all
over India.

- A new web based system titled PayIT is being developed to enhance
employee benefit modules by automating more processes, putting various
checks and balances in place thereby creating a better, robust IT

- Workflows associated with processing of employee''''s expense report
related with domestic and foreign tours, LTC etc have been automated
through the software Expense Management System.

- Enhancements were made in Financial Accounting System, including:

- Development of an asset register system to maintain electronic asset
registers, calculate depreciation and written down value (WDV) besides
facilitate tracking of transfer-out and transfer-in to other locations.

- A new feature was added for extraction of Service Tax Input Credit
data for CenVatable and Non-CenVatable Service Tax.

- Implementation of CSC (Centralized Site Cell) concept was completed
to control and withdraw site payments (for approximately 50 sites) and
controlling the same through a centralized site cell at HO. Subsequent
to this control, all bank, Imprest accounts and assets have been
shifted to CSC branch.

- LSTK vendor payment system (LSTKVAcS), a new software, has been
developed for automating advance payment processing, bills from
suppliers, contractors and site RA, provision and release of
withholding etc. apart from passing entries to accounting ledgers after
deducting taxes as applicable.

- Development of a web-based "Equipment Dashboard" was completed to
provide equipment level information at different stages in project
management life cycle and present crucial milestones from the projects

Sustainable Development

EIL''''s sustainability mandate has evolved from compliance to
environmental regulations and norms in a way that make it a responsible
organization, transparent to all its stakeholders. The Company''''s
project designs support sustainability right from conceptualization to
plant commissioning and subsequently, the commercial operation. Energy
efficiency, resource optimization and safety of plant personnel and
society at large are the cornerstones of our business operation. They
also ensure business continuity.

EIL has refocused its engineering philosophy and business models to
achieve long term sustainable growth. It has also initiated evaluation
and reporting of performance on the triple bottom lines pertaining to
economic, social and environmental aspects. The sustainability
initiatives at EIL shall definitely, propel the organization on an
upward growth trajectory.

A separate Report on Sustainable Development is annexed to this Report.

Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Corporate plans are imperative for any organization with a vision and
long term perspective. Corporate Strategy and Business Development
(CS&BD) division performs the role of evaluating market opportunities,
business developments, venturing into new geographies, tie-ups with
licensors/vendors/collaborators and augmenting the portfolio of EIL by
diversifying into sunrise sectors.

The division has been consciously focusing on the market and proposing
strategies required for growth of the organization. The CS&BD Division
has been focusing on core hydrocarbon sector requirements, seeding
ideas to new and potential clients. In the current market scenario, it
is essential that EIL, while harnessing its core strengths, should also
explore projects in sunrise sectors and new geographies.

As part of enhanced value creation, CS&BD has been in continuous
dialogue with various licensors/technology providers, with the
objective of collaboration and provision of a bouquet of niche services
to owners.

The CS&BD Division has initiated sustained business development
activities in sunrise sectors like Water and Waste Water Treatment,
SMART Cities, PCPIRs etc as a part of expansion initiatives in new
lines of business. Sustained BD efforts are also under progress with
ULBs, Municipal Corporations and respective state governments in this
direction. EIL has also initiated active suo motu studies and
opportunity mapping in Port & Terminals, LNG value chain and Defence
sector in alignment with Government of India initiatives and an
enhanced presence in these domains.

Through a self sustaining seeding exercise and extensive outreach
approach, Corporate Strategy

CIN: U67190WB2003PTC096617. Trading in Commodities is done through our Group Company Dynamic Commodities Pvt. Ltd. The company is also engaged in Proprietory Trading apart from Client Business.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of profits or no exceptions from losses. The investment advice provided are solely the personal views of the research team. You are advised to rely on your own judgment while making investment / Trading decisions. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Investment is subject to market risks. You should read and understand the Risk Disclosure Documents before trading/Investing.

Disclosure: We, Dynamic Equities Private Limited are also engaged in Proprietory Trading apart from Client Business. In case of any complaints/grievances, clients may write to us at compliance@dynamiclevels.com

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