Dear shareholders

“Infinite patience, nfinite purity, and infinite perseverance are the secret of success in a good cause.”

said the great ascetic Swami Vivekananda.

At a time when the world is looking at India with a greater hope than at any time in the past, the philosophy of the great visionary becomes our guiding light.

The world sees in India opportunities for partnership at a time when our economy appears decoupled from global uncertainties; the world is also seeing India as a catalyst that will have a definite role in lifting the global economy out of a multi-year slump,

The great Indian story represents a beacon of hope. The accelerated pace of economic reforms in India is possibly the fastest across the world, The size, speed and implications of the structural shifts could not have been contemplated even as recently as a few years ago. With reference to the giant strides made, India has demonstrated creditable resilience in the most challenging of times for the global economy in recent history, India, in fact, is the finest asset class across the globe today. This resilience has meant that India reported GDP growth of 7.1 per cent during the last financial year, an honourable headline concurring with one of the most dramatic macroeconomic shifts: an attempt to formalise a largely unorganised economy into an organised one following currency demonetisation.

In the era of open economies, robust ports have a critical role in driving economic growth. The ports sector facilitates India’s interaction with the world; it provides a gateway of products into and out of the country, At Adani Ports, we believe that India’s ports need to play a bigger role than just providing physical infrastructure; they need to help moderate logistic costs from 6-10% of the average retail price to the global benchmark of around 4-5%, enhancing the country’s global competitiveness.

At Adani Ports, the business may be ports but the story is quintessentially

India. Adani Ports was conceived around a singular idea: a solutions-driven organization rather than merely of passive infrastructure. This differentiation has had across-the-business implications: Adani Ports is not engaged in business with the singular objective to capture market share; the company is driven by the prospect of expanding the market. Adani Ports is not a single-location infrastructure firm; the company is a multi-location complement of ten ports driven by the vision of shifting the world’s gravity towards India. Adani Ports has not merely invested in cranes, concrete and land; the company has invested in a platform that provides global and Indian companies an opportunity to profitably grow their businesses. Adani Ports does more than what a normal port would engage in; the company has progressively diversified from ports to allied services (logistics, SEZ and strategic partnership opportunities); from one port to ten ports across India’s east, west and south coast; from largely a coal importer to one engaged in handling (import and export) of multi commodity (containers, liquid and dry bulk cargos).

I proudly observe that Adani Ports has translated this vision into an operational engine that makes it one of the fastest port companies in the world and possibly the most profitable port company in India. The company reported 19 per cent growth in revenues in 2016-17 corresponded by a 35 per cent increase in profit after tax.

Adani Ports is one of the most attractive proxies of India’s ports sector. With its diversity across locations, commodities handled and services offered, Adani Ports represents the Great Indian Opportunity: a resilient economy with consumption aspirations and competitiveness.

At Adani Ports, we believe that community welfare and environment responsibility go hand in hand with corporate growth. This commitment is reflected in a consistent spending of a proportion of our post-tax profit in CSR activities higher than the stipulated 2 per cent of bottomline spending. As a matter of fact, we began doing this more than a decade ahead of it becoming mandatory, Today, while we are proud of what we have achieved within our core business, we draw a deeper satisfaction from the ways in we have transformed destinies across 1 lac students, 6 lac healthcare beneficiaries, and more than 11 lac people across 1,470 villages through better physical and social infrastructure.

At Adani Ports, the outlook appears attractive and I would like to thank our customers, employees, shareholders, bankers, governments and the Board for their continued support.

Gautam Adani


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