DCB BANK Fundamental Report


Get to know the company overview of DCBBANK - face value, book value, exchange symbol, 1 year & lifetime highs/lows, average volume, market cap, PE ratio, 1 month return, % promoter holding pledged before investing in DCBBANK

Current Price (Rs.) 181.85
Face Value (Rs.) 10
Book Value (Rs.) 92.54
52 Week High (Rs.) 244.65 (25-Jun-19)
52 Week Low (Rs.) 164.80 (20-Dec-19)
Life Time high (Rs.) 244.65 (25-Jun-19)
Life Time low (Rs.) 13.65 (09-Mar-09)
Exchange Symbol DCBBANK (NSE)
Average Daily Movement [ADM] 6.45
Average Volume [20 days](No. of shares) 872368
Market Cap (Rs. in Cr) 6025.94 (Cr)
1 Month Return (%) 13.49
P/E Ratio (x) 16.96
% of Promoter holding pledged 0.00


We recommend to use only Weekly and Monthly charts. Daily charts are also given which are used for exits.

We do not recommend daily/intraday minute hourly charts.

Why should you follow Weekly & Monthly levels - The major levels come from weekly and monthly charts which the FII, fund managers usually use for entry and profit booking.





Sep-19 Jun-19 Mar-19 Dec-18 Sep-18 Jun-18
Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Source Of Info (AR = Annual Report, PR = Press Release)
Int. /Disc. on Adv/Bills
Income on Investment
Int. on balances With RBI
Total Income From Operations
Employees Cost
Other Expenses
Total Expenditure
Operating Profit before Provisions and contingencies
Provisions And Contingencies
Other Income
P/L Before Tax
P/L After Tax from Ordinary Activities
Equity Share Capital
Equity Dividend Rate (%)
Gross NPA
% of Gross NPA
% of Net NPA
Return on Assets %
EPS (Rs.) [After Extraordinary items]
EPS (Rs.) [Before Extraordinary items]


Among all the ratios these are the most important ratios to look before investing in a company.
Get the latest key Financial Ratios and the Ratio Analysis of to gauge the overall financial health of a company before investing.

Name Ratio Good/Not Good Description
Current Ratio (x) 0.70 > 2 is Good,
< 2 is Not Good
A liquidity ratio that measures a companys ability to pay short-term obligations. The higher the current ratio, the more capable the company is of paying its obligations.
Quick Ratio (x) 17.09 > 1 is Good,
< 1 is Not Good
The quick ratio measures a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets. For this reason, the ratio excludes inventories from current assets
Dividend Yield (%) 0.51 > 1.5 is Good,
< 1.5 is Not Good
A financial ratio that shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its share price. Dividend yield is calculated as annual dividends per share divided by market price per share.
Interest Coverage Ratio (x) 1.37 > 2 is Good,
< 2 is Not Good
(For Banks & NBFC this is not Valid)
It is used to determine how easily a company can pay interest on outstanding debt. It is calculated by dividing a companys EBIT by the interest expenses.
Debt Equity Ratio (x) 0.95 < 2 is Good,
> 2 is Not Good
(For Banks & NBFC this is not Valid)
A measure of a companys financial leverage calculated by dividing its total liabilities by stockholders equity. The debt/equity ratio also depends on the industry in which the company operates.
Return On Asset (%) 20.51 > 5% is Good,
< 5% is Not Good
An indicator of how efficient management is at using its assets to generate earnings. Calculated by dividing a companys annual earnings by its total assets
Return On Equity (%) 11.33 > 18% is Good,
< 18% is Not Good
Also called Return on networth, it measures a companys profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested, it is calculated by dividing the net profit after tax by shareholder's fund For high growth companies you should expect a higher ROE.

For investors interested in DCB BANK find all important information on DCB BANK share price, peer comparison and analysis.




Get a glimpse into the dividend history-payout amount of DCBBANK, interim dividend and the latest dividend announcements by DCBBANK in the last 5 years.

# Announcement Date Ex-Date Amount Interim/Final
1 16-Apr-2018 24-May-2018 0.75 Final
2 24-Apr-2017 24-May-2017 0.50 Final


Look up all relevant information on shareholding pattern of DCBBANK, the change in shareholding as compared to last quarter, Promoters shareholding%, persons holding more than 1% shares of the company.

Shareholding PatternDec-19Sep-19Jun-19Mar-19Dec-18
Promoter and Promoter Group (%)14.8914.9014.9114.9314.94
Institutions (%)57.4054.0951.8951.0849.01
NonInstitutions (%)27.7031.0133.2034.0036.05
Total no. of shares (cr.)31.0231.0130.9830.9530.93


Study of the shareholding pattern of a company is a very important part of fundamental analysis. The shareholding pattern is a determinant of the market capitalization of the stock and is an indicator of whether the stock valuation is justified or not. Know the Public shareholding % for the last quarter as announced by the company.

Persons holding securities more than 1% of total number of shares under category Public Shareholding.CategoryDec-16Sep-16Jun-16Mar-16Mar-17
Aga Khan Fund For Economic Development SAPromoters15.3515.37NILNIL15.33
Bodies CorporateNonPromoters6.847.86NILNIL10.59
Tano Mauritius India FVCI IINonPromoters4.614.624.62NIL4.61
Matthews India FundNonPromoters3.631.81NILNIL4.25
DSP Blackrock Micro Cap FundNonPromoters3.212.64NILNIL3.26
Prazim Trading And Investment Co. Pvt. Ltd.NonPromotersNILNILNILNIL3.13
Ambit Capital Private LimitedNonPromotersNILNILNILNIL1.83
Sundaram Mutual Fund A/C Sundaram Select MidcapNonPromoters1.581.58NIL1.791.58
Steinberg India Emerging Opportunities Fund LimitedNonPromoters1.561.56NILNIL1.45
WCP Holdings IIINonPromoters2.102.10NILNIL1.41
Tata Balanced FundNonPromoters1.401.401.41NIL1.30
Morgan Stanley Investment Management, Inc A/C Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund, Inc.NonPromoters1.23NILNILNIL1.23
Caisse De Depot Et Placement Du Quebec-Enam Asset ManagementNonPromoters1.09NILNILNIL1.14
ICICI Prudential Banking And Financial Services FundNonPromoters1.21NILNILNIL1.11
Motilal Oswal Most Focused Midcap 30 FundNonPromotersNILNILNILNIL1.09
PI Opportunities Fund INonPromoters2.782.782.78NILNIL
Overseas corporate bodiesNonPromoters2.102.10NIL2.10NIL
ICICI Bank Ltd.NonPromoters1.201.20NILNILNIL
NRI â?? RepatNonPromoters1.082.03NILNILNIL
Axis Mutual Fund Trustee Limited A/C Axis Mutual Fund A/C Axis Equity FundNonPromotersNIL1.34NIL2.74NIL
Caisse De Depot ET Placement DU Quebec-Enam Asset ManagementNonPromotersNIL1.08NILNILNIL
Satpal KhattarNonPromotersNIL1.031.031.03NIL
Ambit Corporate Finance Private LimitedNonPromotersNILNIL1.841.84NIL
Tata Capital Financial Services LimitedNonPromotersNILNIL1.511.52NIL
Foreign Individuals or NRINonPromotersNILNILNIL2.99NIL
Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Espana S.A. S.V.NonPromotersNILNILNIL2.12NIL


Study DCBBANK management, company profile, ownership, management, Board of Directors and Organization Structure of DCBBANK

Date of Incorporation 31-May-1995
Date of Listing 27-Oct-2006
Iqbal Ishak Khan Additional Director
Nasser Munjee Chairman
Altaf Jiwani Director
Shaffiq Dharamshi Director
S Sridhar Director
Nalin Shah Director
Rupa Devi Singh Director
Jamal Pradhan Director
Imran Contractor Director
C Narasimhan Director
Amin Manekia Director
Murali M Natrajan Managing Director & CEO
Registered Office Address
601 & 602, Peninsula Business Park,Tower A, 6th floor,Senapati Bapat Marg,Lower Parel,, 400013, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India,


# Company Name Open High Low Last Price Prv Price Change % Chng
1 DCB BANK 187.00 187.00 181.00 184.05 184.05 0 0.00
2 LAKSHMI VILAS BANK 143.50 150.60 142.75 149.75 149.75 0 0.00
3 CITY UNION BANK 159.80 161.80 158.50 160.30 160.30 0 0.00
4 RBL BANK 524.40 524.40 519.75 521.85 521.85 0 0.00

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