Uflex: Extrusion Lamination Machine EL-1300 in India

July 25, 2016 - 07:05:56 PM

uflexUflex has launched Extrusion Lamination Machine, EL-1300 in India. The age-old saying goes like this ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ The largest global flexible packaging solution company of India, Uflex Limited sees every necessity as an opportunity and the most optimum solution is engineered to fulfill it.

Meanwhile, Uflex share price made a new 52 week high of Rs 252.90 today after this news hit the market (See Uflex share price history for historical price performance).

Converters and packaging companies too often face difficulties while laminating a woven web owing to the troughs and valleys (also called warps and wefts) that are inherent part of the texture. The EL-1300 Extrusion Lamination Machine designed by Uflex seamlessly carries out the process of lamination for woven propylene simultaneously offers the following benefits:

  • Attainable lamination speed is about 250 m/minute;
  • Corona treaters to seamlessly integrate treater into flexible packaging extrusion coating as well as lamination lines;
  • Independent drives a provided for all segments of the machine;
  • Comes in a heavy Duty (Sturdy) structure;
  • Motorized three axis movement of carriage for the air gap setting;
  • There is a chamber type doctor blade for anchor coating;
  • T-Die with internal duckling and lip opening up to 1mm;
  • Unique design of lamination drum helps to maintain even temperature across the width;
  • Sleeve type coating nip as optional;
  • Turret type unwind and rewind;
  • AC vector grade motor with digital AC vector drives.

Uflex share price closed at Rs 250.90. A total volume of 5,00,471 shares have been traded intraday which is way more than its average trading volume of 3,25,439. The market cap of the company as on 25th July 2016 was Rs 1759.07 crore. Uflex has been selected as one of the Top 500 shares by Dynamic Levels.

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