Find information on large deals and bulk deals of AJMERA REALTY in last 1 year that have taken place on NSE on a particular day. For better trading decisions, checkout the bulk deals of AJMERA REALTY as announced by the exchange from time to time.

# Deal Date Client Name Deal Type Exchange Quantity Price
1 12-Sep-2018 ARIIL TRUST . B NSE 981097 213.20
2 12-Sep-2018 ATUL CHHOTALAL AJMERA S NSE 981097 213.20
3 10-Sep-2018 ATUL CHHOTALAL AJMERA B NSE 481052 216.00
4 10-Sep-2018 RAJNIKANT SHAMALJI AJMERA B NSE 645300 216.30
5 10-Sep-2018 AJMERA CEMENT PVT LTD S NSE 645300 216.30
6 10-Sep-2018 ATUL C AJMERA (HUF) S NSE 481052 216.00
7 29-Aug-2018 SANJAY CHHOTALAL AJMERA S NSE 1355118 220.20
8 29-Aug-2018 ARIIL TRUST . B NSE 1355118 220.20
9 24-Aug-2018 ARIIL TRUST . B NSE 513180 218.50
10 24-Aug-2018 SANJAY CHHOTALAL AJMERA B NSE 746664 218.00
11 24-Aug-2018 AJMERA SONALI ATUL S NSE 513180 218.50
12 24-Aug-2018 SANJAY CHHOTALAL AJMERA HUF S NSE 746664 218.00
13 23-Aug-2018 ARIIL TRUST . B NSE 1458681 203.39
14 23-Aug-2018 AJMERA HETAL SANJAY S NSE 553935 203.55
15 23-Aug-2018 RAJNIKANT SHAMALJI AJMERA S NSE 904746 203.30
16 21-Aug-2018 ARIIL TRUST . B NSE 1683009 203.09
17 21-Aug-2018 AJMERA DHAVAL RAJNIKANT S NSE 788532 203.20
18 21-Aug-2018 RAJNIKANT SHAMALJI AJMERA S NSE 894477 203.00

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Disclosure: We, Dynamic Equities Private Limited are also engaged in Proprietory Trading apart from Client Business. In case of any complaints/grievances, clients may write to us at compliance@dynamiclevels.com

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