AIA ENGINEERING Chairmans Speech


I. In compliance with provisions of Section 108 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 20 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, the Company is pleased to provide Members, the facility to exercise their right to vote at the 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM) by electronic means and the business may be transacted through e-voting services provided by Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL).

The instructions for e-voting are as under:

For shareholders voting electronically: -

(i) The voting period begins on 11th August, 2017 at 9.00 a.m. and ends on 13th August, 2017 at 5.00 p.m. During this period shareholders of the Company, holding shares either in physical form or in dematerialized form, as on the cut-off date (record date) i.e. 7th August, 2017 may cast their vote electronically. The e-voting module shall be disabled by CDSL for voting thereafter.

(ii) The shareholders should log on to the e-voting website

(iii) Click on "Shareholders".

(iv) Now Enter your User ID

a. For CDSL: 16 digits beneficiary ID,

b. For NSDL: 8 Character DP ID followed by 8 Digits Client ID,

c. Members holding shares in Physical Form should enter Folio Number registered with the Company.

(v) Next enter the Image Verification as displayed and Click on Login.

(vi) If you are holding shares in demat form and had logged on to and voted on an earlier e-voting of any company, then your existing password is to be used.

(viii) After entering these details appropriately, click on "SUBMIT" tab.

(ix) Members holding shares in physical form will then directly reach the Company selection screen. However, members holding shares in demat form will now reach ''''Password Creation’ menu wherein they are required to mandatorily enter their login password in the new password field. Kindly note that this password is to be also used by the demat holders for voting for resolutions of any other company on which they are eligible to vote, provided that company opts for e-voting through CDSL platform. It is strongly recommended not to share your password with any other person and take utmost care to keep your password confidential.

(x) For Members holding shares in physical form, the details can be used only for e-voting on the resolutions contained in this Notice.

(xi) Click on the EVSN "170704005-AIA Engineering Limited".

(xii) On the voting page, you will see "RESOLUTION DESCRIPTION" and against the same the option "YES/NO" for voting. Select the option YES or NO as desired. The option YES implies that you assent to the Resolution and option NO implies that you dissent to the Resolution.

(xiii) Click on the "RESOLUTIONS FILE LINK" if you wish to view the entire Resolution details.

(xiv) After selecting the resolution, you have decided to vote on, click on "SUBMIT". A confirmation box will be displayed. If you wish to confirm your vote, click on "OK", else to change your vote, click on "CANCEL" and accordingly modify your vote.

(xv) Once you "CONFIRM" your vote on the resolution, you will not be allowed to modify your vote.

(xvi) You can also take a print of the votes cast by clicking on "Click here to print" option on the Voting page.

(xvii) If a demat account holder has forgotten the login password then Enter the User ID and the image verification code and click on Forgot Password & enter the details as prompted by the system.

(xviii) Shareholders can also use mobile app "m-voting" for e-voting. "m-voting" app is available on Apple, Adroid and Windows based mobile. Shareholders may log in to "m-voting" using their e-voting credentials to vote for the Company resolutions.

(xix) Note for Non - Individual Shareholders and Custodians:

- Non-Individual shareholders (i.e. other than Individuals, HUF, NRI etc.) and Custodian are required to log on to and register themselves as Corporate.

- A scanned copy of the Registration Form bearing the stamp and sign of the entity should be emailed to helpdesk.

- After receiving the login details a Compliance User should be created using the admin login and password. The Compliance User would be able to link the account(s) for which they wish to vote on.

- The list of accounts linked in the login should be mailed to and on approval of the accounts they would be able to cast their vote.

- A scanned copy of the Board Resolution and Power of Attorney (POA) which they have issued in favour of the Custodian, if any, should be uploaded in PDF format in the system for the scrutinizer to verify the same.

(xx) In case you have any queries or issues regarding e-voting, you may refer the Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") and e-voting manual available at, under help section or write an email to helpdesk.evoting@

II. The Scrutinizer shall within a period not exceeding three (3) working days from the closing of the e-voting period unblock the votes in the presence of at least two (2) witnesses not in the employment of the Company and make a Scrutinizer’s Report of the votes cast in favour or against, if any, forthwith to the Chairman of the Company.

III. The Results shall be declared on or after the AGM of the Company. The Results declared along with the Scrutinizer’s Report shall be placed on the Company’s website and on the website of CDSL within two (2) working days of passing of the resolutions at the AGM of the Company and communicated to the Stock Exchanges.

Dear Shareholders,

I feel honored and privileged to present you with the 27 th Annual Report. There is an old saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

For us, being unique is about being continuously focused on adding value at customer’s end. We ensure we understand our customer’s requirements, delve deep into their pain and improvement areas and provide unique solutions. As a result, we have established long-standing relationships with our customers across Mining, Cement and Power Segments.

In the Mining Segment, we cater to different mineral ores like Iron ore, Copper ore, Platinum ore, Gold ore, Lead ore, Zinc ore and Bauxite ore amongst others, across different mill types. We have been constantly investing to enhance our presence in this segment. The growth prospects are primarily emanating out of the large annual replacement market of 2.5 to 3 million tons in this industry. Out of these, HCMI accounts for just about 15% of the demand.

The Company is strategically poised to leverage the conversion opportunity from conventional mill parts to our high chrome wear parts.

Over the past few years, we have been progressively adding major customers in the Mining Segment across the globe with a stronger focus on major mining centres like North America, Latin America, Australia, Africa, and the Far East Asia. While our current focus is on the mining segment outside India, we will capture incremental domestic mining demand as and when the industry expands in India.

In the Cement Segment, the global demand continues to remain sluggish in the key markets of North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe and Africa. However, certain specific markets in Asia, Africa and South America, may see capacity enhancements and increasing utilization. In India, the average capacity utilization of the cement companies have started improving on the back of Government’s impetus towards improvement in infrastructure, especially, Road and Port segment. This will provide a much-needed stimulus to the industry. The results will be visible in the near term. We will be an immediate beneficiary to serve the additional requirement from the increasing cement production going ahead.

The strength of AIA Group stems from a strong manufacturing footprint including a full-fledged design shop which uses 3D technology for drafting, pattern shop equipped with latest CNC machines and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in and around Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Bangalore and Trichy in India.

I would further like to convey that the Company’s effective capacity reached 3,40,000 MT after successful commission of Phase I of Kerala GIDC Brownfield expansion project during 2016-17. We are on track for of implementing second phase of capital expenditure plan at GIDC Kerala in Ahmadabad. It involves augmenting the capacities by further 1,00,000 MT (expected to be commissioned in FY 2018-19), taking the total installed capacity to 4,40,000 MT.

We will continue to serve our customers, through our well-balanced team and a network of subsidiaries/warehouses situated at strategic locations globally. We are already servicing world’s major mining and cement groups and will continue to add customers and make further inroads in our chosen segments. The consolidated steps taken each day will bring us closer to our vision.

I would like to thank all our stakeholders for their continued faith and support. We look forward to your continue patronage in the Company’s next level of growth.

Best Wishes,

Bhadresh K. Shah

Managing Director, AIA Engineering Limited

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